Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Friday, November 20, 2015

100 Pennies Part I

I haven't blogged in like a million years...or maybe 10 months.  But still.  Life gets busy and this mama's alone time is few and far between!  And when I do get a second or two 'lazy Ali' takes over and -- to be honest -- I just don't feel like blogging, or anything for that matter.  Until lately, the itch to have my voice heard once again is gaining strength.  And today, I figured I would do some scratching.

So hello bloggy audience!  You might be disappointed to know that after 10 months of nothing, this post isn't even going to be about my kids!  Gasp, right!?!

Hebrews 13:1

This {4 part} post is near and dear to my heart.

This post is intended for all my girlfriends -- whether they know me or not.  I pray it reaches the right screens.  I pray that my other '100 Pennies' girlfriends read this and know they aren't alone in their journey.  I pray that my '4 quarters' friends read this and gain an understanding of what its like to a 100 pennies girl.  I pray for my 2 quarters + 50 pennies and dollar bill friends too! :)

So what is this 100 pennies talk anyway?  In September I attended a dotmom conference in Nashville.  During one the general sessions two authors and coincidentally also best-friends spoke of what it means to be a true friend.  One of them, Melanie Frankle, mentioned that having 4 quarters is better than 100 pennies -- meaning that quality friendship is better than quantity friendship.  Not a concept people are unfamiliar with, right?  I mean in almost every circumstance quality is better than quantity.  Yet in that moment, I thought is God speaking to me right now?  Do I need to lessen my breadth of friendship to increase my depth?

My thoughts turned to earnest prayers.  I've always longed to belong to a group of best-friends who told their secrets to each and hung out every other day.  And, over the years I've had glimpses of this. And, don't get me wrong, God has provided me some of the BEST girl friends that this world can offer.  But the type of group friendship I've always pictured to be 'perfect' (think Rachel, Monica, Phoebe) I've never attained.  I used to wonder, what is wrong with me? until I came to a realization:

God made me a 100 Pennies Girl.

God made me welcoming.  God made me inclusive.  God made me compassionate.  God made me relational.  God made me a connector.  God made me community-centered.  God made me accepting. God made me with a heart for those who don't always fit in.  All of these qualities make me, me -- which is a 100PG.

And, being a 100PG is a blessing and burden wrapped up into a joyous calling.

Stay tuned for
100 Pennies Part II: The Burden
100 Pennies Part III: The Blessing
100 Pennies Part IV: The Calling

Much love,