Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ellie's 12th Month: 5.20.14 - 6.20.14

Could my baby girl really be a one year old?

We would meet her in just a few short weeks!

Link to her birth slide show:


Fav newborn pics!

Yes, it is so!  And, what a year she has given us!  So much joy!  How I love you my sweet girl!  I've loved you for a thousand years and I will love you for a thousand more!

God is good.  He has given me all I ever hoped for in you, your brother and your daddy!  Praise Him!

A few favorites from the 1 year photo shoot we did with Ellie:

Ellie's 1st Birthday Party!

We had so much fun celebrating our baby girl at our home!  Xoxo!  Cutest one year old baby girl I've ever seen! :)

Ellie's Likes:
Talking to Sammie while eating in the high chair
Her version of jumping
Dancing (bouncing to the beat)
The park – especially climbing and the slide
The Cozy Coupe
Crawl tag with brother
Trampoline play
Sandbox play
Nursing (as always)
Being tickled
Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'm gonna get you!
Peek-a-boo!  (Eli just says peek-boo, but she gets it!)
Climbing anything
Other babies!
Being outside
Chewing most anything – including rocks and woodchips when mama isn’t looking!  Uh oh!
Bath time with brother
Playing with mommies hair
Rock on her rocking elephant

Ellie's Dislikes:
Mommy leaving her with almost anyone besides daddy and grandma
Setting her down
Teething – its been rough cutting those two front teeth this month
Eli taking her toys away!

Ellie's 12 Month Milestones:
5% for weight
70% for height
Steady walker

Getting better with repeated sleep training.  But no where near perfect!

Breast Feeding:
Hooray for making to a year!  Its been such a different experience than with Eli who was such a chubby little thing.  Oh how she loves to cuddle up for some mama's milk!

Eli and Ellie: A Comparison

At this age they both:

Love baths.
Love to chew on everything.
Love  the park
Did NOT want mommy to leave them
Getting into Sammie's food

They are different:

Eli's 12 month stats: 84% in Height and 24 in Weight
Ellie likes cars and trucks but Eli REALLY liked them at 1 year old.

Here is a link to Eli's 12th month post:

What I've learned...


Time drags when (not at all meant to complain but it is the truth for my life, anyway)...
your baby is colicky
your baby needs constant attention or always needs to be held and you feel like you can't get anything accomplished
you are sleep deprived
you have a two year old and all the craziness that comes with two years old
you are a stay at home mother of two young ones
your hubby works late a good portion of the time


This year has truly flown by!  I can't believe my baby is one!  I do sometimes wish I could freeze time but I am so incredibly thankful for this first year with Ell Bell and am excited for what the future holds for her!  Dream BIG baby girl!!!  Mama will ALWAYS be here to cheer you on!

I am Extremely Blessed because...

my little miracle baby is a ONE year old!  So humbled that our God is allowing me to be her mother!  

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