Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ellie's 11th Month: 4.20.14 - 5.20.14

Is my sweet pea going to be one year soon?  Yes, oh my, yes!  Lord, help this mama!

***The rest of this post (besides the 3 sentences above) was written 5 months after the end of her 11th month!  Thank goodness I have some notes from my instagram photos and other tid-bits I've saved here and there!

11 months of sweetness from  this girl!  I dreaded her turning one and I know I cherished the last couple of months before her birthday.  I don't why know why but for some reason I felt like her turning one meant that she no longer was a "baby."  (She is now my rambunctious 16 month old but still very much my baby).  Looking back at these pictures makes my heart melt!  Love you sweet girl!

Monthly sticker pictures!  She is all grown up!

Weekly pics! Week 47 we were in sunny CA!

Ellie's 1st Easter!
What a cute little sis she is!
Checking out grandma and grandpa's chickens, 1st Mother's Day with Ellie and hanging with brother at the desk!
Ellie inside Sequoia National Park

Sequoia Selfie!

Ellie with Mike's parents - her Oma and her Opa
Ellie with her great-grandparents "Oma O and Opa O"
Ellie, Eli and their cousins Taylor and Connor

We stopped in San Francisco on our way home from visiting Mike's family. We had fun on the Pier!  
Ellie's first time seeing the Pacific Ocean!!
Ellie's Likes:

Talking to Sammie while eating in the high chair
Jumping – right foot, then left
Dancing (bouncing to the beat)
The park – especially climbing and the slide
The Cozy Coupe
Crawl tag with brother
Sandbox play
Nursing as always!
Being held close
Having someone blow on her tummy
Being thrown up in the air
How big is Ellie?  Soooooooooooooooooooo Big!
Being tickled
Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'm gonna get you!
Peek-a-boo!  (Eli just says peek-boo, but she gets it!)
Climbing anything
Other babies!
Being outside
Chewing most anything – including rocks and woodchips when mama isn’t looking!  Uh oh!
Climbing up our flight of stairs
Bath time with brother

Ellie's Dislikes:
Mommy leaving her
Setting her down
Teething – its been rough cutting those two front teeth this month

Ellie's 11 Month Milestones:
Climbing playground equipment waaaay too big for her and sliding down slides head first – she is fearless!
Standing by herself really well
5 steps in a row!
Celebratory clapping!

Waking almost every hour. L

Breast Feeding:
Same as last month:
Nurses 5-6 times at night.  Snacks all day.  :)  

Eli and Ellie: A Comparison

At this age they both:

Love baths.
Love to chew on everything.
Love to be outside
Did NOT want mommy to leave them
Like to feed themselves

They are different:

Eli liked to read, Ellie will sit for a minute or two but wants to get up pretty quickly and move on to the next activity!

Eli was chubbier! 

Eli snuggled with Elmo, Ellie is beginning to like baby dolls.

Eli got the Roseola virus at 11 months and was more prone to viruses than his younger sis.  I’m sure her time will come!

Here is a link to Eli's 11th month post:

What I've learned...

This too shall pass.  Ellie is finally warming up to short car rides and doesn’t every time we put her in her car seat. (Still isn’t 100% fond of it at 16 months)

I am Extremely Blessed because...

We traveled to CA this month to see Mike’s family!  The kids had a blast with their grandparents, uncles, aunt and cousins!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Its been six months.

Its been six months.

Six, six whole months.

182.5 days...

Since I last blogged about my babes.


I remember when I posted weekly updates during Eli's pregnancy and a co-worker told me that there was no way I would be able to do that with my second child. I also remember thinking, yes, yes I will. Now I realize that my co-worker was just trying to help me lower my expectation.  They had been there.  They had done the second child thing.  They knew it was hard.  I hadn't even done the first child thing. I had no idea.

In the beginning when Ellie was born, I tried hard to keep up with blogging -- mostly for me, more than any audience and, lets be honest even Eli and Ellie.  Sure, I hope they will look at it someday but I know that it means more to me than anyone else. Documenting their little lives made me feel good about myself. Something I could start and finish.  Something that meant something. Something I needed as a stay-at-home-mom; I used to be able to get creative in my teaching and my esteem would soar when I knew my students liked a lesson and were learning.  Don't get me wrong, Eli and Ellie fill up my love tank in a thousand different ways but this blog has given me a sense of accomplishment.

Six months without posting here -- in my special space -- gives me anxiety and makes me kind of sad.  Each month that has passed my heart would skip a beat I would think I need to post, I need to post soon.  Surely I can get to the computer tomorrow, or maybe early next week?  I'll do two monthly posts this month. Three. Four. Five. Oh no, its time for Eli's 3 year post. Another month has gone by?? How is this so??


I guess life happened.  My crazy, hectic life.  Not the life I imagined it would be before it really happened.  The house sparkling clean, healthy dinners happily made, perfectly mannered tantrum-less kids (who can read by the time they are three because I have all the time in the world to teach them), working out smoking-hot mama of two kind of life.  Ya, not that life.  Ha!  It goes more like this: toy-littered and laundry piled high house, on-the-go thank you Chick-fil-a dinners, fit throwing and I want it NOW kids (who are the sweetest beings on earth, but still), its time to buy the next size up in the jeans department and if its a good day I blow dry my hair, change out of sweats and roll some mascara on my lashes mama of two kind of life.

So, six months what can I count for you?

2 crazy road trips to see friends.
2 fun kid birthday parties.
1 beautiful baby blessing.
1 TN family reunion
1 doggy death :(
1 30th birthday -- eek!!

And a million different memories topped with hugs and kisses from the two most precious gifts God has ever given me.

That's my life.  Sometimes I wish I could just take a few hours here or there to blog.  And, I could. Really  I could.  I just don't.  I see the mess in the kitchen.  I see the laundry creeping its way into the hall.  I see little faces that need to be wiped.  More than that I hear Eli pleading with me to play super heroes with him, "Mom you be Iron Man and me be Spider Man."  I hear the yearn in Ellie's cries telling me to come explore the world with her.  These mama ears are hard to mute and most of the time they listen.  And after we play and we explore I try (try is the key word) to clean up the house and make dinner and pray that Mike gets home soon.

And the truth is, when the day is done I am just too tired to blog (or, at least it feels that way).

But today both my kids took considerable naps at the SAME time.  That hasn't happened for hmmm... maybe six months?  :)

Oh, I spoke too soon #2 is crying. g2g!