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Stephens Family

Friday, December 20, 2013

Ellie's 5th Month: 10.20 -11.20

What a journey it has been from your 4 month birthday to your 5th month birthday!  We went trick-or-treating with your big brother for your 1st Halloween, camped out at the hospital during dad's thoracotomy (major lung surgery) and you got to enjoy some sweet and unexpected time with your Oma and Opa.

From birth to 5 months -- my CUTIE!

Weekly pics :)

Cuddles with Opa and Oma in daddy's hospital room <3

You are rolling both ways now!  You go girl!  You are still very much enjoying the great outdoors!  You take after your big bro in that way!  Speaking of your big brother -- he bit you this month.  For real -- two big red bite marks right now your belly!  He was honest about it and said he was sorry.  I'm sure one day you will get him back.  Just know, mommy did put him in an extra long time out for this!  

These were taken back to back.  You cried but soon after Eli was giving you kisses and you were happy again!

You were really growing this month.  You are so tall and yet, such a petite little thing.  Everyone who asks your age, comments on how petite you are.  (And, EVERYONE comments on that hair of yours!  I love it and so do they!)  Mama didn't get much sleep this month but that is okay because you are worth every drop of morning coffee!  

I swear you are teething but no tooth yet!  Tons of slobber though!

Beginning of the month -- all smiles!  Lee's Summit DT Boo's and Barks Parade and get this -- you fell asleep on the floor, no swaddle no rocking no sucking!  Way to go girl!

Halloween week!  Your 1st! You were the cutest little mouse!  

Ellie enjoys Eli's hand-me-downs.  Eli 6 wks, Ellie 4mo
We had so much fun this week!  We went to Paradise Park and you are actually happy in the swing!

Ellie and Hundson!  (Our sweet neighbor friend!)

Daddy's surgery week!  Hanging out with brother in mommy and daddy's bed.  Go Chiefs!
Your Oma O sent you this beautiful blanket she made you!  You will treasure for years to come!

Ellie's Likes:

Being outside
Bath time with mommy and brother
Nursing -- she has got the nursing and latching thing down to a T now!
Bouncing -- will the addiction ever end?  Thank you God for yoga balls!
Baby TV and Baby Einstein DVD's
Being worn -- must face out!
Being whistled to, sung to, and talked to, blown at, sneezed at, funny faces, and roared at (future Katy Perry fan?)  :)


Watching Eli and Sammie 
Watching her mobile
Baby bjorn
Looking in the mirror
Having someone blow on her tummy

Ellie's Dislikes:

Car seat -- I wonder how long this will stay on the list?!?
Losing control of an object or toy -- total freak out!!  Could the "girl" drama be already showing itself? Ha!

Ellie's 5 Month Milestones:

Sit for a while with a boppy and alone for just a few seconds (towards the end of your 5th month).
Rolling from back to front now!


Ugh.  Not my favorite subject.  Ellie sleeps between 30mins and 1.5hrs (tops) at a time.  It is terrible.  Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

I am convinced that life is much, much better when you are getting sleep.  Between Eli, Ellie and Sammie, I'm up on average 10x a night -- not kidding people.  10 times!  Right now I'd be happy with a 3 hours stretch.

The thought of going through the whole cry-it-out process with Ellie gives my anxiety.

Breast Feeding:

She loves to nurse like most babies.  We've continued to try to give Ellie a bottle with no success.  She wants NOTHING to do with it!  Boo hoo!  No date nights for Mike and I!  She also eats pretty frequently -- like every two hours.  I think that my breasts do not store as much milk as the "norm" (whatever that is, right?), so she feeds often to get her fill.

Eli and Ellie: A Comparison

Same age here!  Girls clothes are just so much cuter.  

At this age they both:

Hate the car seat.
Love baths.
Love to chew on everything.
Terrible sleepers.
Are/were super CUTE!

They are different:

Eli could sit up (with out support) on his 5 month birthday.  Ellie still needs a lot of support.  Eli got a tooth on his 5 month birthday. Ellie is still toothless, but teething.

Here is a link to Eli's 5 month post:

What I've learned...

I am a happier person when I get sleep.

I am Extremely Blessed because...

Mike is recovering on schedule and will (someday) be able to night parent with me again!  Also, if Eli has a bad night (up 3-5 times) usually Ellie has a good night and vise-versa!



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