Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Summer with Eli: 21 -24 months 6.14 -9.14

This will probably be my last developmental-ish update on Eli.  Keeping up with my blog has been hard with two little ones and a hubby whose work requires long hours.  It has been a ton of fun for me (and hopefully everyone who read my posts) to look back each month of his first year and then quarterly in his second year and write about everything Eli.  He truly is the most precious boy.  Gah, how I love him.  I may decide to do bi-yearly quick updates, but, I am unsure.  Life is tough right now, although, I think we are finally coming out of "survival mode."

One year later..

I feel like the very last ounce of baby left in my sweet boy disappeared over the summer.  He is fearless.  A dare devil, just like his dad.  Gives this mama a heart attack about every day.  Love that he is a curious little guy and he definitely isn't afraid to explore and get dirty!

Watching him step into the role of big brother has been so much fun!  So much has changed in his little life the past few months and he has adjusted so well.  Makes me proud!  His patience is far beyond his years!  Ellie, as many of you know from my posts about her, was quite the crier in her first few months of life.  Eli almost instinctively knew that her needs superseded his and, almost always, allowed me to deal with her first.  He had to get used to mama bouncing on the yoga ball all day long and we quickly learned to take advantage of the time that Ellie was sleeping to play, read and cuddle.  He is such a compassionate little thing as he cries "baby, baby crying" when he hears her on the monitor, or "oh no!" or "get her."  Melts my heart each time.

End of June, not an only anymore!

All of the sudden he wanted to paci in his mouth -- at 21 months, geesh, couldn't this have happened earlier?!?!  He didn't suck on it just stuck it i there, this only lasted a few days but made me laugh.  If sis gets one, well, by golly so do I!!!  Ha!  Otherwise, Eli adjusted really well to being a big brother!  He loved to hold her right away as you can tell!  Xoxox

Independence Day

Eli liked the fireworks but eventually got tired of them, bet that won't be the case next year!

Just Eli and friends!  Mama celebrated her 29th birthday this month!  Eli helped to blow out the candles!
With Lil Sis!


August was HOT and fun!  I went to a Royals game with Daddy and Papa and we celebrated Papa's 59th birthday!  Lots of swimming this month because mommy could finally get in the pool again! 
With Ellie Bellie <3

Oma, Oma O and Opa O came to visit this month!  I had so much fun with them!  Oma taught me how to butterfly and Eskimo kiss! 
Beginning of September...

I started MDO this month and turned two on the 14th!  Mom and Dad took me to the circus!
My SECOND Birthday Party!  TRUCKS!!!

I'm having fun!

So are my friends!

The decorations mommy made!

Mommy's favorite party of my party -- Whitey's Icecream!  Grandpa and Grandma picked these up on their way home from Grandpa's 30th HS reunion!  Yummy!


Eli is saying well over 100 words now.  He repeats everything!! It is so sweet.  He says 3-4 word sentences.  His very first sentence was "Sammie pop bubbles."  He loves that dog!  Second sentence was "Spider hurt me." (Just so you know, the spider didn't hurt him)  My absolute favorite thing that he says is -- Love you!  

He is so polite and will say please and thank you with out my asking now! 

He can finish the sentences in books that we have read over and over. 

He also likes to sing along to familiar songs.  He doesn't say all the words but will try!

He is learning how to use the scooter and jumps with both feet at the same time.  He can do a butt bounce and a somersault on the trampoline.

He climbed out of his bed and went poo poo in the potty for the first time the first week of August.

He is struggling with sharing.  He is shy with strangers.

We think Eli is going to be left handed because he swings left handed and eats with his left.

Around his 2nd birthday, his top two year molars began to poke through.  Ouch!

We enrolled Eli in a "Mom's Day Out" once a week for 4 hours and, although, the first 3 weeks were rough he is getting the hang of it!  He hasn't cried at drop off the last 3 times!  It is good for him and allows Ellie and I to have some one-on-one time.  

He likes TV (PBS, mostly) but would much rather be outside.

He loves, loves, loves trucks!!!

He loves his neighbors Zach, Chloe and Corbin.

He likes Thomas, Elmo, Caileou, and Clifford.

He loves to march around the house with instruments and sing the "Ants Go Marching" song.

He likes to get Sammie all riled up, poor dog.


His sleep is off and on but 75% of the time he makes it through the night in his own bed.  We went through a hard time right after Ellie was born and she was actually sleeping better than he was.  That was rough, we actually let him sleep with us!?!?  I will say, it was kinda nice and kinda horrible at the same time. Lord knows, when he is a teenager he better be a good sleeper to make up for all the sleepless nights he put us through!

Weaned!  As of 9/3 Eli has not nursed.  The first couple of weeks were hard when he fell down and asked for milk but I didn't give in and here we are two months later! He hasn't asked for mama's milk for over a month. We are all happy and I'm so glad we lasted as long as we did.  I will never ever forget some some of the sweetest moments in our nursing relationship and thank God we were able to do so.  My goal before I had even had him was to make it to 2 years, we were 11 days short!  

The last three months have been one wild ride and I am so lucky that I have had this little side kick to experience it with!  Each day brings new discoveries and challenges.  He brings me so much joy!  If only he could take a peek inside my heart and could see the love I have for him!  I'm sure he knows, I tell him all the time!