Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ellie's Second Month: 7-20 - 8-20

My baby is a changin'!

A week by week look at Ellie's 2nd month!

My favorite pic of the month!  @6wks right when she started smiling! Xo baby girl!

First of all I'd like to say that whoever said that second babies are easier than the first, didn't have my baby...  I love her to the moon and back but, whoa, I wasn't expecting this!  She is more than a colicky baby, more than a reflux baby, more than a high needs baby.  She is a bounce me 24/7 baby (or I will scream kind of baby).  To say the least, Mike and I have perfected our bouncy skills.  Bounce on the yoga ball, bounce in the bouncy seat, bounce while walking, bounce the car seat, bounce, bounce, bounce... Sometimes I wish our home were a big bounce house and then both our kids would be happy!  Ha!  

If you can't tell this month was a trying one! Our poor little girl is a fussy one!  She cries a lot!!!  We did see a major turn around once we got her started on Prevacid but the effects of it quickly began to diminish.  :( :( :(  Mike and I's patience has been tried and I'm proud of how quickly we have accepted the fact that this is just the way it is going to be for now. Hearing your baby cry for extended periods of time is one of the hardest things any parent of a newborn has to go through.  And, I will admit, there have been times I have wanted to scream.  But, God has given me little glimpses into the future (like when we set her down and she doesn't cry, or when she gives us little smiles, or even watching her older brother -- who was just like her -- and now is so happy).  I know that this, too, shall pass.  I know she will outgrow this fussy phase.  I know that there will be plenty of calm, happy moments to enjoy in the future so, for now, I endure.  I stay collected and love her up -- whether she is crying or content.  

God love her.  So do I.

Week 5: Thank God for Yoga Balls

This week was a doozy of a week.  If it isn't one thing it is the next with Ellie's older brother Eli.  Ya know how they say breast fed babies are healthy and happy ones?  Well, in the 23.5 month I've been giving this kid milk, I'd need a third hand to count the number of times he's been sick on my fingers.  This time was really bad!  He had a high fever and hives ALL over!  Poor kid!  His sickness didn't help with my aspirations of weaning -- as I was tied down to two nurslings for the majority of my day.  Good thing Ellie doesn't mind sharing.  Baby girl did cry  A LOT this week though.  It was trying.  Poor girl.  Just can't figure it out!  Towards the end of the week I went to a neighborhood Mom's Night Out -- I told Mike I wouldn't be gone longer than an hour because I knew it would be trying.  He texted me at the hour mark and it read,  I don't know how you do this, she has been crying since you left.  Made me sad because, I had been wondering the same thing...  All I can say is, thank God for yoga balls!  Bouncing on the yoga ball seems to calm her real quick (most of the time, sometimes she is just inconsolable).   Moreover, we did get a few peaceful moments this week.  The picture where she is laying on the carpet, I remember thinking, I can't believe she is laying down on her own and not crying.  It didn't last long but is was something!  As you can see from the picture of Ellie and I, I look pretty defeated this week -- and I was.

Eli with hives all over his face... Poor kid!

6: 180°

We saw a significant difference is Ellie this week.  I think (fingers crossed) it is due to the Prevacid.  I made a doctors appointment on day 5 of giving her the ppi and, when she woke up that day she was soo happy!  I was so happy!  I felt so ridiculous for going to the appointment for an inconsolable crier who was happy the entire time!  Well, the doctor helped my embarrassment by telling me that day 5 of medicine is usually when they see the therapeutic results of Prevacid.  Finally some relief for a little girl!  Thank You Lord!

7: I Love My Aunties

My aunts (my mom's two sisters and my gma's sister) from Illinois came to see Ellie this week!  We had a great day out at my parents!  So glad to have some many family and friends who love my little girl!

The Bennett Girls!

8: Take Me Outside Pretty Please!

The weather finally started to heat up a little this week and Ellie really enjoyed being outside!  Yay!

Gpa's 59th Birthday!

Beginning of the 9th week!

Ellie's Likes:

Being outside
Bath time with mommy and brother
Nursing, of course
Baby TV
Being worn -- for short periods of time
Being whistled to, sung to, and talked to
Play Gym -- for a short period of time
Chewing on her fists

Ellie's Dislikes:

She isn't particularly fond of taking her meds
Car seat -- HATES it!
Pacifier -- poor mom!

Ellie's 2nd Month Milestones:

Cooing like crazy
Stands well while being held on our laps
Bats at and grasps toys
Follows objects and voices
Stats: 10.9lbs - 40%  24 inches - 90%


No complaints in this category.  She can sleep 8+ hours straight!  Ah-mazing! This doesn't always happen but was frequent towards the end of the month.  She will also go down really well in the middle of the night -- doesn't have to be rocked or sucking anything.

Breast Feeding and Tandem Nursing:

She is still such a quick nursing -- 5-10 minutes TOPS!  Lucky me!  Eli is still nursing, but isn't nearly as needy as when she first came home.  1-2 X a day.  I didn't make my goal of weaning by the end of July or even 23 month but I still would like to wean in the vicinity of his 2 year birthday.  We shall see!  Prayers for no sickness!

Eli and Ellie: A Comparison

They both like(d) to be outside, chew on their fists, and watch their mobiles.  Bouncing is/was a must!  They both sport(ed) the cutest little mohawks! Oh, and unfortunately, they both hate(d) the car seat!

Ellie smiled a few weeks before Eli.  Eli was only sleeping 5 hours at his longest stretch at this point and she sleeps a little over 8.  Eli was nearly 14lbs where as Ellie is only 11lbs.  Eli wasn't fond of being changed and Ellie doesn't it mind it much!  I think Ellie is a little fussier, but not much -- or maybe I have just forgotten how bad Eli was?

What I've learned...

Even when I think I have it bad, someone has it 1,000 X worse.
To search for blessings in the midst of a storm.
Crying isn't the end of the world.
Leaving the house to run errands isn't worth it when your baby screams the whole way there and back.
A smile can melt my heart.

I am Extremely Blessed because...

I have had so much help from my mom.
Eli still loves Ellie even though she cries so much!
Mike is patient.
I'm so in love with my daughter!!!

Thanks for checking up on my baby girl!!!