Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 38 AND 39 -- The THIS IS IT or IS THIS IT??? Weeks -- 6.2 - 6.15

Two for the price of one this week!

I assure you that the reason I didn't blog last week is NOT laziness.  I have been bit by the "nesting bug."  I have had SO much energy, much more than any other part of this pregnancy.  Mike has even commented on how good it is to have me back.  :)  The energy showed up a couple of weeks ago and hasn't left yet.  Fingers crossed!  

We've done a lot the past couple of weeks -- here is a just a small list:

carpets cleaned, house deep cleaned, final touches on nursery, zoo trip, hair highlighted, 2 OB appts, celebrated father's day, spent lots of time with E man, and went swimming FOUR times (I think it is safe to say the summer has officially arrived in KC -- finally!!)

Kate and Eli passed out after a fun day at the zoo!

Super blonde -- at first I didn't like but Mike really does and I have warmed up to it!

Eli loves the hose -- just like he did last year!  He likes to spray Sammie and water the trees!  

Baby Milestones this Week:  38 She may have about an inch or so of hair already -- red or blonde? (or maybe even brown if he takes after her grandmas').  She's slowly shedding that white goo on her skin (called vernix caseosa) but we might see some of it at her birth. 39 She's probably able to flex her limbs now.  Her brain is still rapidly developing -- she's getting smarter by the week!  Her nails may extend past her fingertips.

Best Moment of the Week:  On 6.8 Mike went to one of his buddy's diaper dump poker party and at first I was a little bummed because 1.) Mike has been working some pretty long hours and we haven't seen him a lot and 2.) I was thinking this could be the last weekend just the three us (Of course I would never ask him to miss the party but I was just feeling a little down about it).  However, that feeling quickly changed once he left and I looked at Eli and realized that we could have a little date of our own!  Perhaps, the last before Ellie arrives.  We went through the McD's drive through and went to a local park.  We had a BLAST!  I cried several times thinking about how things will change very soon and how Eli and I have loved our time at parks since the very beginning.  It was a true blessing for us to have this time together before baby sister joins us!  

Love this boy!

Analyzing every "early" labor symptom I may get:  cramps, energy, contractions, loss of MP -- then thinking this is it! or is this it?  

Getting anxious and excited to go into labor and, most of all, meet my daughter!

Symptoms this Week:  Energy!  Gradually loss of my mucus plug -- I think?  On 6.15 from 2-4 in the morning I did have contractions timing 5-7 minutes apart but then they fizzled off...

Oh, yeah and more stretch marks... BOO!

What I'm looking forward to most next week: The birth of my daughter -- Ellie Angell Stephens!  We shall see!  Saturday 6.22 is her official due date.  Mike thinks she will be born 6.21 at 6:30pm weighing 7lbs 6oz and 21'' long.  I think she will come Sunday 6.23 at 3pm weighing 8lbs 15oz and 20'' long.  Anyone else wanna take a guess!?!

At our 39 week appoint I was 2-3 centimeters and 50% effaced with a soft cervix.  I scheduled our 40 week appointment and a NST for Monday June 24 (2 days post due) and an induction for Thursday June 27th (5 days post due) if she doesn't arrive before (really, REALLY hoping she does!).

Oh, with Eli at 38 weeks I had gain exactly 20lbs.  Currently, I've gained 15lbs but started 5lbs heavier than with Eli so I weigh exactly what I did last time around -- just with more stretch marks :( :(

What is different this time around?

LOTS -- last time at 38 weeks (late August) the weather had just started to cool down.  This time (early June) the weather has finally started to get HOT.  I've enjoyed going swimming with my big belly!

Also, last time at 38w 6d we had our "big scare" when I woke up to a pool of blood had some major clotting.  We were worried that my placenta was detaching and rushed to the hospital to -- thank God -- find out everything was fine with Eli.  However, when it happened again 24 hours later the doctor decided to induce me at 39 w 2d and Eli was born on 9.14 at 5:09pm.

I think was more uncomfortable last pregnancy in the final days.  Maybe it was because I was still working?  Not sure.  

38/39 Week Belly Pics:

Change Up -- Me in my maternity suit!  So glad I've actually been able use it!  

38.5 weeks with Eli, I was smaller.
We are almost there!  I am BEYOND excited and a little nervous!  Keep saying your prayers for me, Mike, Eli and especially, Ellie!!



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