Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Week 37: The FULL TERM Week -- Hip, hip horaaay! 5/26 - 6/1

I didn't reach what is considered "full term" until the end of the week (6/1) but I am still really psyched about this accomplishment!  Mike and I were just discussing how 5 months ago our OB told us there was pretty much no way we would have a full term baby.  And, went on to say that if we did make it to 24 weeks we would have a severely deformed child.  (Those were her exact words and it was horrifying.)  Well, she was wrong and we couldn't be happier about that!

I wonder how much longer will this little girl enjoy my womb?  For me, now that we have reached this awesome milestone I wouldn't mind going into labor anytime from here on out.  We have crossed off most of the "biggies" from our to list and will survive if we don't get the rest done before she arrives.  Mike, on the other hand, really wants me to make it to my due date because it is more convenient for his work schedule.  Hmmm...  I wonder if he was the one carrying a 7-8 lb baby, if he would still feel that way???  Ha!  But, quite honestly, if it means that when he is home with us he isn't bothered by work than I want to go June 22nd as well.

Mike is taking TWO weeks off this time.  With Eli he only took a week and it just was not enough.  My recovery was slow and I wasn't even walking good when he went back to work.  My main request was that he stay home with us (uninterrupted) for two whole weeks.  That way if my recovery is anything like last time he will be home to take care of me and Eli so I can take care of  baby Ellie.

Besides reaching full term, this week was pretty crappy because I was still sick.  Mike tried his best to come home and let me rest but all the mucus in my throat made it nearly impossible to get any good sleep!  Boo!  Now is the time I need the most sleep!  Glad that as I'm writing this (Sun) I am beginning to feel better -- thank you Lord!

Baby Milestones this Week:

Week 37:

  • Ellie's practicing some skills: inhaling, exhaling, sucking, gripping and blinking.
  • She's getting her first sticky poop (called meconium) ready for her first diaper (Which Mike will be changing in the hospital - ha!)

  • Best Moment(S) of the Week: Last Friday my sister called me and I could barely speak I was so choked up. I was sick, Eli was sick and -- to say the least -- I. lost. it.  I haven't lost it for a while and by that I mean have a good sobby cry.  I think it just all caught up with me in that moment.  Well, my sister, being the "Angell" she is, took my small break down as an opportunity to be a blessing and planned for my neighbors to bring me meals ALL week!  How sweet of her and how gracious for all of my neighbors to volunteer to drop off yummy meals!  It was such relief to know there would be food on the table each night and I didn't have to make it!  :)  Thanks to all involved!!

    On Friday, we had our maternity pictures taken!  A neighbor took the shots and even though Eli wanted NOTHING to do with it but I think she captured how in love we are with our baby girl!  Thanks Courtney's Captures!  You can check out her work at:

    Here are a few of my fav's

    On  Saturday, I attended a good friend's Twin Shower for her and her babies!  It was one of the nicest showers I've ever attended.  I totally gorged myself with all the yummy food!  It was seriously fabulous.  I've got an excuse right?  You know what I am talking about -- the "Hey, I'm eating for two" line pregnant women love to use.  Only for three more weeks for my entire life will I have THAT excuse and I plan on using it everyday from here til she is born! :)

    Also, my BIL, David, planned a Diaper Dump Poker Party for Mike that took place on Saturday.  Mike had a really good time and we are VERY grateful for all of the diapers we received -- I'm sure months and months worth!  We are blessed!

    Obsession of the Week:  Hot tea, throat spray, cough drops, etc

    Symptoms of the Week:  I've added two new stretch marks to my one that appeared during my pregnancy with Eli -- oh the joys...

    Epiphany the Week:  Life is good when you are surrounded by good people.  Here's the story:  On Friday, I was SO exhausted and I couldn't keep up with Eli -- he had woken really early because he heard the thunder.  To make matters worse our power was out due to the crazy storms we were having.  My parents basement flooded so I couldn't ask my mom to come help.  SO....  I walked Eli over to my neighbor, Jennifer's, and with no notice and no power to entertain the kids -- she took Eli for a few hours while I slept!   What a blessing that was!!!  Thank you Jen!!!

    What I'm looking forward to most next week:  Holding Ellie!  Can't a girl dream?!?!  She probably won't come next week but I wouldn't mind if she did!  But, if that doesn't happen, I just look forward to spending my last moments with "just Eli" and as a family of three!

    What is different this time around?  I haven't yet stepped into a pool!  Come on summer!!!  I loved all my pregnancy swims two summers ago and would like to take a dip or two before she arrives!!

    To do list: (red is new)

    Time to PRIORITIZE!

    *Freeze a couple of meals for when she comes

    nursing tanks
    diaper caddy for her changing table
    milk storage bags -- plan on starting her on a bottle at a week so that Mike and I can get out of the house before she is 20 months old!  Ha!
    *Buy a new cover for our glider -- I contacted a alterationist from our neighborhood, hope the price is right!
    *Hire a cleaning service and carpet cleaning (June 6th) service for when we are in the hospital  Cleaning is coming June 10th
    * Organize the garage -- this really needs to be done because it is driving Mike and I crazy!  But, it is a BIG chore and I'm not so sure we are going to have the time!  

    We've about checked EVERYTHING off our list.  I'm not sure if we will get around to freezing any meals but that is okay -- Mike said, we'll just do easy stuff for a while.  I am going to send my mom to Sam's club while we are in the hospital to pick up lots of fresh fruit and veggies (that is what I crave after I give birth).  

    37 Week Belly Pics:

    I feel like I am lower with Ellie than I was with Eli at 37 weeks -- maybe she will come sooner?!?!

    With Eli -- August 2011

    Thanks for your continued support and prayers!  We can't wait to meet our daughter here in a couple of weeks!



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    1. Your maternity pics are beautiful. I especially love the second to last with the sun! Praying for you and Ellie's safe arrival!