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Stephens Family

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Week 34: The GRADUAL INCLINING Week - 5.5 - 5.11

So glad that this week ended better than it started.  To catch up read last week's post here.

Once we reached the ER, a nurse gave me an IV and took some blood to run for tests.  We saw the doctor pretty quickly who said that my urine didn't "scream" infection but after a quick examination she felt that the pain was probably kidney related.  FINALLY I got some pain meds through my IV.  It only took 30 seconds or so and I felt relief for the first time in 6+ hours (but felt like much longer).  I looked over at Mike and he could tell that I was feeling the pain melt away.
Thank God for modern medicine -- the IV meds kept me sane during our two day stay at the hospital!
I got about 30 minutes of rest and relief before the pain started up again.  I was surprised how quickly the pain came back.  We let the nurse know and he gave me an oral pain reliever -- did nothing, so again I was miserable!  Once the tests came back the doctor decided to send us to the medical/surgery unit for pain management until we could see a urologist in the morning.  I think it was around 2 am when we got settled into our room -- (TMI, that is when the puking began and lasted all through the night, poor Mike and the nurses who had to take care of it).  The nurse asked me what my pain level was and I told her it was very comparable to labor.  After speaking with the doctor the nurse was finally able to give me some more IV meds -- fentanyl.  Again the relief was amazing and again it wore off way too quick.  I explained how uncomfortable I was and the nurse talked with the doctor again and it was decided that I could get a smaller dose of the fentanyl every six minutes through a self administration button.  After a few pushes, I felt the pain slowly stop and was able to get some rest. THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I should mention that Mike stayed up with me through all of this!  He was an angel at the hospital -- love him!

The next morning -- Cinco de Mayo -- I was glad to still be feeling relief.   However, I had to keep up on my fentanyl pushes or the pain would be back.  I was pretty much in and out of sleep all morning while Mike worked next to me on his computer.  I wasn't at all hungry.  At some point in the morning we saw the urologist who examined me and told us that most signs pointed towards a kidney stone or some other obstruction.  He told us our options: lay on my left side and wait for relief, get an x-ray to see if they could find the cause of the obstruction and then schedule a surgery to either put in a stent from my kidney to my bladder through my ureter or have a nephrostomy tube placed into my kidney to drain it directly to a bag outside my body.  We chose to schedule the x-ray and then we could make a more informed decision.  Around 2pm I was wheeled down to the radiology unit.  They said I couldn't have any pain meds because they didn't want the fentanyl to interfere with the IVP or iodine contrast.  The whole process took about 1.5 hrs and I was MISERABLE!  Was in terrible pain and threw up twice.  I was so glad when it was over -- the fentanyl button never looked so go when I got back to my room!

Later, the urologist called and said the my x-rays showed a definite obstruction and severe hydronophrosis.

He suggested we schedule a stent to be put in the next morning so I obliged -- I knew I needed relief.  However, I tried the rest of the day to stay on my left side and see if maybe I would feel better in the morning.  I tried to eat but wasn't very hungry.  By late afternoon I was able to get some more rest and by evening Mike and I were both ready to watch some TV.  We watched a few shows and Mike was ready to go to bed, I on the other hand was wide awake because I pretty much slept on and off the whole day.  Around midnight I was able to go to sleep.  I didn't get the best sleep because I was worried about my procedure in the morning.  But, I slept.

The next morning when I woke up I noticed I had slept  for about two hours with NO pain meds and wasn't in terrible pain.  I decided not to pump any more meds until I absolutely had to in order to see if sleep on my left side worked and I could be released with out having to go through the stent surgery.  I also decided to do a little research of my own about stents during pregnancy.  I found that (and the doctor warned us of this too) stents during pregnancy can be very uncomfortable and that most women need to be on oral narcotics for the duration that the stent was in place.  Since I was feeling better -- not completely but a fair amount -- I was re-thinking our previous days decision to have the stent put in.  I told the nurse that I wanted to talk to my OB and the urologist (again) before going through with it.

To make a long story (as if I am not boring you with the details already) shorter.  After speaking to my OB and the urologist -- we decided against the stent.  Mainly, because I was feeling some relief with out meds.  My OB wanted me to stay in the hospital until that evening to make sure I could handle the pain with oral narcs and do some walking around.  She also wanted to do a non-stress test for the baby.  So, we followed her orders and I was happy to be released around 5pm.

During the 48 hours we were in the hospital my mom stayed with Eli the whole time.  GOD BLESS HER!  It was my first night and second night away from him EVER!  Didn't think I would spend those nights in the hospital!!!  My mom is an angel and I never once worried about Eli, more so I worried for her sanity because I know how demanding he can be!  She took care of him like a rock star and I think when I returned he thought she was "mom."  I'll never forget the sacrifices my parents made during this pregnancy and I owe them big time!!!

Special bond between grandma and grandson!
I guess the hydronephrosis will probably stick around until after I give birth as it is most likely my uterus pressing up against my ureter that is causing the obstruction.  I will try to lay on my left side as much as possible to relieve it.  I've also been told that some days are good and some are bad but thankfully for me so far I haven't yet (it has been a week) experienced anything like the first episode.  Thank you God!

Here is some more information on maternal hydronephrosis:

The rest of the week I stayed low, rested on my left side and was taken good care of by my mother and husband.  The oral narcotics really helped when the pain was there but I was able to completely wean myself at the end of the week.  I did have an OB appt (reg) on Wednesday with the only male doctor in the practice -- just a meet and greet so that if I happened to have him for Ellie's birth I would have met him.  He was nice and explained 34 weeks is a big milestone because that is when they do not try to stop labor.  He then explained what to look for in "real" labor: painful contraction 5 mins apart, fluid consistently leaking from my vagina, blood, etc.  That is when to go to labor and delivery.  Since I've never gone into labor naturally it was a good refresher.  

I also visited the Chiropractor on Wednesday and Thursday and wonder if the adjustments had anything to do with my recovery??

By the weekend I felt much better and Mike and I were able to do some shopping for Ellie's nursery!  Yay!  

Baby Milestones these Weeks: Week 34:  Ellie can recognize and react to simple sweet to think that when I sing to Eli at night she can hear me too! In fact, she will recognize frequently sung tunes after birth and probably find them soothing. Less cute news: she now urinates about one pint per day. Get the diapers ready!  

Best Moment of the Week:  Probably the moment I first felt the pain relief in the ER.

Obsession of the Week:  Resting on my left side.  :)

Symptoms this Week: Lack of sleep for sure.  I am just beginning to notice shortness of breath, besides this just normal 3rd trimester woes.  

Epiphany this Week: *** I am keeping the same epiphany from when I was pregnant with Eli at 34 weeks because it is still true.  I noticed this much earlier this time but it couldn't be any more true!  Just replace Eli with Ellie. 

 I think Sammie must know I'm pregnant.  She follows me everywhere and constantly wants to be next to me -- even when Mike is around.  Usually, she prefers to snuggle with Mike but not anymore.  I know dogs can sense things and I wonder if this is what is happening with Sam.  She must already love Eli.  I can't wait to see how the interact together when he gets a little older!

What I'm looking forward to most next week:  Being one month away from my due date!!!!  Mother's day and my sister's birthday!  Yay!

What is different this time around?  Last time I obviously didn't have hydronephrosis -- but Eli did!  So it went from being fetal hydronephrosis to maternal hydronephrosis.  I am glad it was me and not her.  I remember asking the perinatologist if it hurt Eli and he said no, I sure hope that is true because good golly this was the worst pain I've ever had.  Our nurse said it is even worse the labor because with labor at least you get a break from the contraction.    

To do list: (red is new)

nursing tanks -- I got some good recommendations from the BF support group ladies and I think I am going to go with Bravado -- get a few and see what I think, they are expensive but I think it will be worth it!  :)
pacifiers, diapers, etc
Ergo baby carrier
*Decorate the nursery -- got off to a good start, hopefully will finish this weekend!
*Organize nursery, wash clothes, etc  -- again off to a good start!
*Buy a new cover for our glider
*Look into maternity and newborn photography -- need to do this ASAP
* Organize the garage -- Not sure if this is really realistic with Mike's work schedule lately.  
* Get the car detailed but not too soon! 
*Pull out infant car seat and install it. -- we are doing it weekend
* Have a little weekend getaway (in KC) with Mike.  It will probably only be one night but we need it! Scheduled for 5/10 - 5/12  YAY!!! Thank you mom and dad for allowing Mike and I some "us" time!  We DIDN'T get to do this due to my hydronephrosis -- maybe I can convince my mom and dad to take him one night before the end of May???  Pretty please!
*Pack hospital bags!  -- another chore to accomplish this weekend!

34 Week Belly Pics:

This is from the bottom of by belly looking up.  Can we say HUGE?!?!  I did notice my second stretch mark making an appearance too this week!  Urgh!  I got one with Eli (on my side) and hopefully this will be the only one with Ellie -- which is on the opposite side -- but I have 5 more weeks to go so I kinda doubt it!  Boo!

No comparison pic this week.

Thanks for all of your love an support!  I really felt the prayers and loved the encouraging FB posts and text messages! XOXO to all!



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