Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Friday, May 24, 2013


I'm calling this week the Fingers Crossed week because I am hoping that the rest of my pregnancy goes just like this week did: normal.  No extraordinary highs or lows.  No crazy pregnancy symptoms.  And, best of all -- NO PAIN!

I stayed busy this week, especially with Eli.  We really enjoyed a little trip to my sister's house and Mike's work picnic.  I've been terrible at taking pictures of our outings though -- I feel bad that his next "update" post will be so bare.

1st cousins playing together.  So cute!

My father was admitted to the hospital on Thursday for severe back and groin pain.  I felt so terrible for him as the weekend before I was feeling severe pain and in the hospital.  After many tests (u/s, x-ray, CT and MRI) the doctors concluded that he had a terrible muscle spasm, bone spurs and edema of the bone marrow.  He was given lots of pain medications but still suffered.  On Saturday he was released and each day since then has been a little better -- thank God!

Baby Milestones these Weeks:   Week 35: From now on, Ellie's growth is mostly in the plumping up department -- though she won't get much longer, she'll put on a pound or more of baby fat before birth. (She's about 15 percent right now and will be about 30 percent by full-term.) 

Best Moment of the Week: I am glad I just had a "normal" week.

Obsession of the Week: Salt and Vinegar chips. 

Symptoms this Week: Just normal 3rd trimester stuff -- never quite comfortable, waking to pee umpteen times a night, etc.

Epiphany this Week: It is the middle of May.  Four months ago I wrote a post about how time isn't on my side; back when the thought of the SCH ending this pregnancy plagued my each and every thought.  A portion of it:

We are about to hit the 20th week of our pregnancy.  Time is dragging along.  Minute after minute, hour after  hour.  Okay, I'll stop before this turns into a rap song.  :)  Anyways, now -- instead of wanting to embrace each day of this pregnancy -- I just want to press the fast forward button.  I want so badly for it to by June 22nd.  Heck, I'd even take the middle of May!  I just want to be holding my sweet baby girl in my arms and know that she is perfect and healthy. 

Less than two weeks and I will be considered full term?!?!?!  I am still in awe of how far we made it.  Baby girl is already showing how strong she is!  May all the glory be given to God!  

What I'm looking forward to most next week:  Our friend's Matt and Ashley are saying "I do" on Saturday.  I look forward to witnessing the ceremony, getting dressed up (maybe I won't feel so "pregnant" and actually feel pretty for a change, and my mom and dad are taking Eli for the night!  Mike and I get to sleep in!  Yay!

What is different this time around? Last time at 35 weeks I was having some serious rib pain from Eli kicking them constantly.  Not at all this time.  Baby girl is much lower -- and lets hope smaller than Eli!

To do list: (red is new)


*Pull out infant car seat and install it. -- Still needs to get done -- #1 on our list!!!
*Pack hospital bags!  -- Still needs to be done :(  #2 on our list!
*Pull out swing and pack and play from basement storage.
*Look into maternity and newborn photography -- did this (contacted a few neighbors) -- pricey!  But, I still really want to do it!
*Freeze a couple of meals for when she comes

nursing tanks -- I got some good recommendations from the BF support group ladies and I think I am going to go with Bravado -- get a few and see what I think, they are expensive but I think it will be worth it!  :)
pacifiers, diapers, etc
Ergo baby carrier
*Decorate the nursery -- we are 90% there.  Mike put the wall decor up this weekend!  Just a few finishing touches!
*Organize nursery, wash clothes, etc  -- again off to a good start!
*Buy a new cover for our glider -- I contacted a alterationist from our neighborhood, hope the price is right!
*Hire a cleaning service and carpet cleaning service for when we are in the hospital
* Organize the garage -- this really needs to be done because it is driving Mike and I crazy!  But, it is a BIG chore and I'm not so sure we are going to have the time!  
* Get the car detailed but not too soon! 
* Have a little weekend getaway (in KC) with Mike. -- Will use my friends' wedding this Saturday as a GREAT excuse to have Eli sleep over at gma and gpas!

35 Week Belly Pics:

Eli's first gift to his little sister -- a dandelion!  So sweet!   

With Eli -- August 2011

We are getting closer and closer!  I am so excited to meet my little girl!  

Love, Ali

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