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Stephens Family

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Week 32: The UP ALL NIGHT Week -- 4.21 - 4.27

As you can guess, I didn't get much sleep this week.  First, pregnancy insomnia hit me head on this week.  Here  is a good article on it:

This compounded with a cold turned sinus infection is making good sleep almost impossible for this mama.  To make matters even worse, Eli is experiencing incredible sleep regression.  He is fighting sleep like no other.  Gone are the days when we could just lay him in his crib at night time and nap time and he would peacefully fall asleep.  He now screams and screams for at least 10 but up 45 minutes before finally giving in.  His night time sleep is much shorter as he is waking earlier in the am.  He is even waking up in the middle of the night and crying out -- which he hasn't done for moths and months!  His refuses a nap unless someone is holding him.  It is EXHAUSTING and STRESSFUL to say the least.  Please, please join me in praying that this kiddo figures it out before his sister arrives.  Mike and I know how sleep deprived parents of newborns can be but I can't even imagine having both a new born and a sleepless and cranky toddler to deal with.  ?!?!

If you are reading this post and do not reside in the KC area, consider yourself lucky because -- you guessed it -- the weather here this week was yet again cruddy!  Rainy, cool, dreary.  Between February, March and April and I think we have have had a week of good weather.  I've been writing about the weather here a lot in my last few posts because I think it is because I am really starting to be affected by it.  I am longing for some sun to arrive and warm my skin - (maybe then I could kick this cold)!  Furthermore, Eli loves to be outside and is tired of indoor activities.  When will spring finally arrive in KC?  I think we may just skip spring and head straight into summer - which I'd take 90+ degree heat over this dreariness any day.   I just looked at the forecast for next week and on Tuesday the high is 82 then -- two days later -- on Thursday it is 37 -- that is a 45 degree drop in 48 hours!  Really?  REALLY??  I guess this roller coaster weather is normal for middle of the country, but come on our thermostat is getting confused!  Okay, rant over.

Baby Milestones these Weeks: Week 32: Ready or not, Ellie's getting ready to emerge. She's in the head-down position now, with her bottom facing up. This is the comfiest way for her body to fit in my increasingly cramped womb and will make her eventual exit much easier. 

Best Moment of the Weeks: This was a tough week with a household of sick people.  Mike, Eli and I all had terrible colds -- it was pretty miserable.  However, Mike and I worked really hard to finish the basement and with Mike staying up until the wee hours of the morning on Sunday -- I can officially announce that it is completed!  (At least the main room -- our bathroom trim still needs another coat or so of white paint).  I can't begin to explain the relief I feel now that it is done.  We can finally focus on putting baby girls' room together and organizing her stuff.  We have less than 50 days until I am induced so we need to get going...

A HUGE thank you to my husband who worked extremely hard to get finish this huge project.  He did this on top of working some incredible hours at work.  Also, a big thanks to both my mom and dad who spent many, many hours either working with us or watching over Eli so we could work with out distraction.  

Mike and I were chatting that when we decided to do this project in January even though we knew it would be a ton of work and a lot of time we didn't realize the stress it would put on our family.  We are still very glad we did it and are very much looking forward to spending the next SIX weekends doing fun stuff as a family before little girl arrives.  

*I plan on doing a separate post dedicated just to the remodel -- keep your eyes out for the update if interested!

Obsessions this Week: Hot tea with honey and lemon -- felt good on my sore throat.

Symptoms this Week: The most significant is the pregnancy insomnia.  NO FUN.  Otherwise, just the normal stuff.

Epiphany this Week: Having a sick child sucks.  Having a sick child and being sick yourself sucks even worse.  Having a sick child and being sick yourself and having a sick husband sucks bad.  But, having a sick child and being sick yourself and having a sick husband and being super pregnant is the SUCKIEST!  (Okay, things could be a lot worse and I am over exaggerating a bit but it really isn't any fun at all...)

What I'm looking forward to most next week:  A glimpse of summer during the beginning of the week...

and, what I think will be our last u/s on Thursday!  Excited to see Ellie in the Belly!  :)

What is different this time around?  Last time at 32 weeks, Mike and I were in Louisiana with 2 of my best friends and their hubbies enjoying a little baby-moon vacay.  So, wish I could be saying that we were doing the same this time!  

With Eli at 32 weeks -- July 2011.

To do list: (red is new)

nursing tanks -- I got some good recommendations from the BF support group ladies and I think I am going to go with Bravado -- get a few and see what I think, they are expensive but I think it will be worth it!  :)
pacifiers, diapers, etc
Ergo baby carrier
*Decorate the nursery
*Organize nursery, wash clothes, etc
*Finish basement remodel 
*Buy a new cover for our glider
*Look into maternity and newborn photography
*Schedule a hospital visit for mid-April -- We did this yesterday -- Mike is excited about the full size couch to sleep on!  I really love SLE Baby 1st program!
* Organize the garage -- Not sure if this is really realistic with Mike's work schedule lately.  
* Get the car detailed but not too soon! 
*Pull out infant car seat and install it.
* Have a little weekend getaway (in KC) with Mike.  It will probably only be one night but we need it! Scheduled for 5/10 - 5/12  YAY!!! Thank you mom and dad for allowing Mike and I some "us" time!
*Pack hospital bags!

32 Week Belly Pics:




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  1. I was nursing my cold last week with honey/lemon tea too! Praying for you and Eli!