Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 28: The BEGINNING OF THE END Week -- 3.24 - 4.2

Twenty eight weeks.  That means helloooooo third trimester.  Hello back aches.  Hello constant urge to pee.  Hello huge belly.  Hello swollen feet.  Hello uncomfortable standing, uncomfortable sitting, uncomfortable laying.  And, at the very end...  Hello sweet baby girl!   We've reached the beginning of the end people!  I am so excited, yet so nervous at the same time.

Twenty eight weeks is more significant than a back ache to Mike and I.  It was our second big goal that we wanted to reach (1st was 24 weeks or viability) when we first found out about my SCH.  At 28 weeks babies have a much higher chance of being born and living with out any long term complications!  We feel so blessed to have come this far and, to be honest, I haven't given the "grape sized" blood clot a thought for quite some time!  Thank you Lord!

This week was an ordinary week.  Eli and I got out of the house a fair amount which is always a good thing.  The weather, blah.  It still doesn't feel like spring.  I won't be satisfied until it reaches 60+ degrees everyday.  The week ended on a great note with my BFF, Mary Beth, coming to visit us all the way from WA!

While sitting on the edge of our sandbox -- this is the view I had.  At least it is beginning to look like spring!

Baby Milestones this Week: Her lungs are mature enough that, if born right now, she has a pretty good chance of surviving (with help from medical technology). Baby girl's skin is still pretty wrinkly (one byproduct of living in amniotic fluid) but will smoothen as fat continues to deposit.

Best Moment of the Week: Eating Whitey's Saturday night with Mary Beth!  What a special treat for a pregnant lady!!!  She brought us the famous tasty ice cream all the way from the QC!!! YUM!

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Our 1st  Eagle Creek Mom's Night Out!  On Thursday, 11 EC moms met at La Fuente to enjoy a little away time!  It was great to get to know other moms in my community and we had fun chatting!  We already have April and May scheduled as well!  Yay!

Obsessions this Week: Cleaning...mostly preparing for MB's arrival!

Symptoms this Week: I am definitely beginning to waddle.  More so in the morning and at night.  Belly is getting big.  Hips even bigger.  Makes me look and feel like a penguin.  

Acne.     :.(    <--- zitty sad face.  

Very dizzy.  Some days worse than others.  Blood pressure must be rising.

What I'm looking forward to most next week: My BFF Mary Beth will be here!  She is going to help me organize my kitchen and prepare for baby girl!  :)  Yay!

Easter celebrations.

Growth u/s on Thursday.!!  (along with my glucose test, which I am not so thrilled about...)

What is different this time around? Last time at 28 weeks I wrote about how I was feeling really huge and how it was hard for me to get out of the bed and off the couch.  However, I am holding steady right now.  Maybe Eli was just a whole lot bigger at 28 weeks than baby girl is?  I hope so; especially if that means a quick delivery!

To do list: (red is new)

*Decide on a name -- we are getting closer -- If you asked Mike, he would say Ellie Grace.
nursery furniture
nursing tanks
pacifiers, diapers, etc
video monitor - bought from a woman in my neighborhood.  Great deal!
Sophie the Giraffe - Thanks to Mary Beth!!
I really want to get an Ergo baby carrier but we shall see
*Decorate the nursery
*Finish basement remodel -- Getting closer!  Mike is almost done building the built-in and carpet and dry wall people can come this week!  Then, we still have A LOT of painting to do but nothing too big.  I think we should be done in about a month!  :)
*Sew a new cover for the glider and ottoman -- I've asked my mother to do this and she happily obliged!
*Look into maternity and newborn photography
*Get breast pump out and organize supplies
*Schedule a hospital visit for mid-April

Week 28 Belly Pics:
28 weeks!

28 weeks with Eli -- July 2011
Signing off with a grateful heart!  Only 81 days until we meet this precious girl!



And a cute picture of Eli before bed!


  1. Siblings should not compare who got what. You both got the same amount of love, and that is what is important, and what will matter in your family.

    1. You are right about comparing. And, Lib and I did get the same amount of love and that is what matters. True wisdom. Thanks for your input.

  2. Happy 3rd Trimester Mama! I can't believe I only have 11 weeks left... Did this pregnancy go fast for you? Mine did! We need to get our kiddos together sometime! Have a great week! Get some rest ;)

  3. Sweet pic of Eli! And, love your bump! Baby girl is already so blessed. Xo