Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I apologize...

In my last post (28 weeks) I wrote that my epiphany of the week was that baby girl and I had something in common.  We are both children #2.  I went on to talk about some things that my older sister got but I didn't. However, I failed to mention all the things my parents did do for me (the list is so massive, I couldn't even begin to write half of them).  I hope if you have read my blog for any length of time you realize just how much my parents mean to me and how grateful I am for them.  Never, ever have I wondered whether my parents love my sister more or favor her over me.  They did a great job with raising us both with love and support.  I am sorry if my post made me come across ungrateful or just plain made my parents look bad (which was NOT my intention).  

I think that maybe I have been feeling some guilt lately because I haven't done nearly as much in preparation for baby girl as I did with Eli (at this point in pregnancy) and maybe I was looking for some excuse for why I haven't.  I am being honest when I say that as I was writing my "epiphany" I was chuckling a little and felt like I was being more funny than anything.  But, and, here is the catch anytime time your write your feelings out -- they can easily be misinterpreted because people can't hear your voice.  And, after I read it a couple of times I can see how it came across in a way I hadn't intended.  I am truly sorry for that because the love and respect I have for my mom and dad is so great.

I try to be real in my blog posts.  Often, I look back after posting and think, should I have written that?  I'll admit that sometimes I go back and delete stuff but most of the time I leave it because as I grow and learn I like to re-read my posts and evaluate my journey as a mother, wife and friend.  

I thank everyone who has been honest with me about my posts.  And, for your love and support even when it is clear I am far from perfect.  

-- Alison, loved and cherished daughter #2

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