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Stephens Family

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Her Name... FINALLY!

We have known we were having a little girl since I was 15 weeks pregnant.  I am now 30 weeks.  For almost four months we have been searching for that. perfect. name.   We deliberated over Hannah, Emma and Ellie for a loooooooooooooooong time.  We looked at current popular names, older names -- you "name" it, we did it.  Nothing ever felt right to me.  Weird, huh???

Well, yesterday Mike and I were driving and he mentioned that twice this week he had been asked if we had found a name for her.  I'll admit, I've been asked several times lately too.  And, I have been really wanting to call her by name.  So, right then Mike and I decided that we would name our precious girl...

ahem, drum roll, please...




Before we knew Eli was a boy, Ellie was always our top choice for a girl name.  We thought that if he was actually a she we would name her Elisa Angell Stephens -- "Elisa" after my Great-grandma Ockee and "Angell" because it was my maiden name.  We would call her Ellie.  However, Mike has never warmed up to the name "Elisa."  I think it is pretty but I want us both on the same page when it comes to our children's names.  So, we are going to go with just straight Ellie.  We think it is close enough to Elisa that we can still tell her that she was named with her great, great-grandmother in mind.  :)

This time around even though Mike and I couldn't figure out a first name, we both loved Grace as a middle name.  I still think Grace is an adorable name.  However, I think we are going to stick with our original choice for a middle name: Angell.  Growing up, I always loved my having the last name "Angell."  Mike also loved my last name.  And, I think it sounds cute together: Ellie Angell.  Eli's middle name is Michael, after his father.  Ellie's middle name is going to be Angell, after her mother.

Here our a few meanings from the top google searches I made.

1. Ellie is "noble, exalted; sun ray, shining light; other, foreign; famous warrior".

2. The name Ellie is a French baby name. In French the meaning of the name Ellie is: A Greek Helen, meaning shining light, or most beautiful woman.

3. Origin of Ellie: English, diminutive of Eleanor and Ellen
Meaning of Ellie: "bright shining one"

So, Ellie means, "bright shining one" and, of course, Angell means, "straight from heaven." Put them together and you  get:

Bright Shining One straight from Heaven.  

Isn't that the truth?!?

Oh, Ellie Angell Stephens, how we love you!!!


Mom and Dad

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  1. While I'm biased towards Hannah, I love the name Ellie! Congrats on deciding!