Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 27: The PUNCHING and KICKING Week -- 3.17 -3.23

I'm pretty sure our little girl is going to be a future UFC Champion because, my-oh-my, can she punch and kick.  And, she has endurance!I feel it ALL day long on all sides of my tummy -- way up, way down, far right and far left.  She is all over the place!  I hope she continues to enjoy the space while it lasts!  As she continues to grow it is going to become pretty snug in there!  

I didn't get out this week nearly as much as I would have liked.  Nothing like last week, but that is okay.  I think the weather in KC has everyone pretty much fed up, especially stay at home moms with babes who desperately want to run and play outside.  Today, we woke up to another 7-8 inches of snow.  Snow, Shmow! I'm not even sure I'm going to pull out Eli's snow pants again so we can all go play in it.  We'll see.  Oh, spring, where art thou?!?

The snow is just starting to fall -- 2 days into spring!

Finished product, thank you mother nature -- now could you please give us some sunshine!!  Pretty please!!

Baby Milestones this Week: Baby girl's lungs are going through some major developments these days, which (combined with the opening of previously plugged nostrils) means she's now able to practice inhaling and exhaling. The lack of air in my womb means every "breath" is filled with amniotic fluid, but hey -- it's progress.

Best Moment of the Week: Change up.  Worst Moment of the Week:  I finally gave in and let a professional cut Eli's hair.  Big mistake.  I told the hair dresser to leave his bangs right above his eye brows  and to just shape up the rest.  Well, his bangs are practically at his hairline!  And, they aren't even even!  Argh!  I can't wait until it grows back! 

Okay, maybe I was exaggerating a little bit but I still want my baby's long hair back.
I'm so glad I won't have to worry about baby girls' hair nearly as much (at least when she is small, I'm sure by the time they hit adolescence our hair troubles will migrate from Eli to little sister in the hair department)!  In fact I'm really looking forward to my little girls hair!  I've always loved doing hair and now I'll get to have my own little model 24/7!  I hope she likes to have her hair done!  Ha!  My luck, she won't at all!  

I wonder what her hair will be like?   Will it be super blonde like Eli's?  Or red, red like daddy's?  Or maybe she will take after her grandmothers' and have brown hair?  Will it be straight like mine? Or wavy like daddy's?  Oh, all the possibilities!  One thing I do know -- it will be adorned with lots of bows!

Obsessions this Week:  My desire to nest is steadily increasing.  I've started to pull out Eli's infant necessities: bouncy seat, floor play gym, tummy time mat, etc and wash the parts.  Still have LOTS and LOTS to do!!!

Symptoms this Week:  Continued sacrum pain, leg cramps and stuffy nose.  Also, and this isn't anything new either, but I haven't really written about it -- I have the craziest dreams.  I remember this with Eli too.  They aren't necessarily associated with pregnancy but are wacko!  I must have quite the imagination.  Some are pleasant, some not so much.  

Epiphany this Week:   Life is full of tragedy.  People need prayer.  People need love.  A few months ago, I thought I was losing this tiny baby.  I prayed that God would heal my uterus and He did.  But, what if He had other plans.  Painful plans.  Would the God that I know and love still be good?  Yes.  His plans are for His people are only good.  But, I am not sure how I would have responded if things would have gone differently.  I am not sure if I would have been able to praise Him in the storm.  I am not sure if my faith wouldn't have been altered.  I hope not, but I am not sure.  I thank God that I have family and friends who have faith that is stronger than mine and whose lives are a continually testimony of His goodness.

God, there are so many people I know that need You right now.  Desperately, need You.  Please help them to see your plan for them while in the midst of their suffering.  Wrap Your loving arms around them and give them Your peace.  Please give me a compassionate heart and help me to know how I can serve Your people.  Help Mike and I to raise children who value compassion and serving others above intelligence, athleticism, and popularity.  May Your will be done. 

What is different this time around?  At 27 weeks with Eli I noticed I had started to experience Braxton Hicks contractions.  I think I am beginning to notice them this week too!  Crazy how everything happens so in sync with my body for both pregnancies.  

We are still way behind where we were on our list of things to do before baby arrives but a fellow mom from my neighborhood, Glenda, messaged me on FB and offered me her sit and stand stroller and a car seat and base!  How awesome of neighbors do Mike and I have!?!  Such a blessing!  Thank you Glenda!

What I'm looking forward to most next week:  

On Thursday the neighborhood mommy group I set up on FB last fall is going to have its first monthly Mom's Night Out at La Fuente (So far it has only consisted of play dates).  I am so excited to take a break with other moms and just enjoy of few minutes of socialization with out being interrupted by kiddos!  We've already got next month's date set up too!  


My life long friend Mary Beth is coming to visit from WA!  She will be here on Saturday and I am so excited to get to spend Easter with her.  We met in 2nd grade and became best friends right away.  Through out our schooling our friendship ebbed and flowed but we always came back (stronger than ever) into each other's lives and today she is one of my bestest friends!  Yippee!


Celebrating the amazing love of our Savior Jesus Christ and the price he paid on the cross for our sins with my family and friends.  Happy Easter everyone!  

To do list: (red is new)

*Decide on a name -- we are getting closer -- If you asked Mike, he would say Ellie Grace.
nursery furniture
double stroller -- trying to choose between a side by side or a front to back, got some really excellent feedback from other moms on FB but now I seem to be even more confused...  We shall see!  Thanks to Glenda!
nursing tanks
pacifiers, diapers, etc
video monitor
Sophie the Giraffe
I really want to get an Ergo baby carrier but we shall see
*Decorate the nursery
*Finish basement remodel -- Getting closer!  Mike is almost done building the built-in and carpet and dry wall people can come this week!  Then, we still have A LOT of painting to do but nothing too big.  I think we should be done in about a month!  :)
*Sew a new cover for the glider and ottoman -- I've asked my mother to do this and she happily obliged!
*Look into maternity and newborn photography
*Get breast pump out and organize supplies
*Schedule a hospital visit for mid-April
*Plan a low-key "sprinkle" for baby girl (we do not need a full-blown shower as we have been mightily blessed, but I'd like to celebrate her upcoming arrival with family and friends in some way or another) I talked to Mike about this and he said he already has something in the works for me!  :)  How sweet!  

And, the list keeps getting longer...

Week 27 Belly Pics: 

With Eli -- June 2011

Only 90 more days people!  Yikes!  I can't believe I am entering my third trimester!  Praising God for getting us this far and for the days to come!



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