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Stephens Family

Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 22: The UNDER THE WEATHER Week -- 2.20 - 2.16

I'd much prefer to label this week as the "enjoying the weather" week but, unfortunately for me (and most people living in the Midwest in February) I can not say I'm truly enjoying the weather quite yet.  However, I am under it -- meaning I don't feel well!  I'm not bed ridden sick; I just have a lousy cold that I can't seem to kick just yet.  My symptoms are worse in the morning and at night.  During the middle of the day I seem to feel somewhat better -- which I am thankful for -- but then night time rolls around and I am plagued with a runny nose, mucous-filled throat, popping ears and a dry cough.  I wake up with the same symptoms and an achy body.  I know it is just a cold but I am so ready for it to be over with!

Towards the end of the week I finally bought some refills for my netty pot and I am SO grateful because using it before I go to bed and when I wake up has provided me with some major relief.  I also try to boil some water each night to inhale and then use it to make a tea with lemon and honey.  My doctor told me to put Vaseline in my nostrils before I go to bed as well.  All of these have helped me get some decent sleep at night -- thank God!

Baby Milestones this Week: She is settling into sleep cycles, snoozing about 12 to 14 hours a day.  I can definitely tell when she is awake and when she is asleep.  

Best Moment of the Week:   Valentine's Day with Mike and Eli.  It is funny how your perception of Valentine's Day changes when you have children.  Instead of being excited for romance, flowers and chocolates you look forward to Valentine's crafts, cards and kiddie-kisses.  Mike came home early and we had tacos and cupcakes and just spent the evening enjoying each other.  We also had fun face-timing with our niece and nephew in California.  Eli sure loves his older cousins and they are so darn sweet and cute!  Wish we all lived and little closer!  The next day Mike and I were able to go on our first day since October 18th!  

A saying I stole from a friend's FB wall -- so true!

Our Valentine's Day with Eli!  His first Valentine's, a heart pancake for breakfast, some pottery he made daddy and cupcakes for dessert!  We sure love our little boy!  Can't wait for baby girl to join us next year!

1st Date Night in 4 months!  Thanks for babysitting mom!

Obsessions this Week:  To continue with the theme of Valentine's Day -- Sweets!  Sugaring goodness is all I've wanted this week! 

Symptoms this Week:  It is hard to tell because I've been sick.  However, the heartburn has returned with a vengeance!  

Epiphany this Week:  More and more I am believing that this pregnancy is going to have a wonderful ending in JUNE!  If you asked Mike or I -- or our OB for that matter -- two months ago we would have never had imagined this outcome!  I am still looking forward to the 24 (viability) and 28 week mark but I think this little girl is staying put for the next four months and for that I thank God (and you all of joining us in prayer)!  Our prayers are being answered! 

And, girls are SO much more fun to shop for!!!

My first purchase for baby girl!  Can't believe it will be filled in this Christmas!!
What I'm looking forward to most next week:  Kicking this cold to the curb!

What is different this time around? At 22 weeks with Eli I had already had my first (of  four) showers!  My team mates threw me the most wonderful shower for baby Eli and we got LOTS of baby essentials from my generous SLMS co-workers.  We had all of our nursery furniture set up and the walls painted in his room.  We were well on our way to preparing for Eli's arrival.  We even knew we would call him Eli!  Currently, we haven't started sorting through Eli's newborn stuff, we have no furniture (although I have been perusing craigslist quite frequently), we know we aren't going to paint her room, and we still haven't decided on her name!  Better get a movin'!

Week 22 Belly Pics:

I am a loser and didn't take a belly picture this week -- I'll blame it on my cold, but here is what I looked like at 22 weeks last time around!!

With Eli May 2011

Lots of love to all my followers!  Keep saying those prayers! 
XO, Ali

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