Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Week 15: The SCARY Week -- 12.23.12 - 12.29.12

The SCARY Week

This week started off with positive thinking as I was really looking forward to Mike being home for four days straight with us.  But, here is how it went:

12.22 - Went to Emergency Care at our Ped's office because Eli had a 100 degree fever and was acting pretty lethargic.  Waited for 1.5 hours in a room with a bunch of flu/RSV kiddos to see the doctor.  Doctor didn't think Eli had the flu or RSV but said that he was getting his top molars in which he described were the most painful to erupt.  Great.  The nurse checked Eli's oxygen level -- it was a 94.  They sent us to Children's mercy to rule out pneumonia.  5 hours later we are back home, exhausted.
12.23 - We intended to have family over for our annual Stephen's Family Pre-Christmas Mexican Feast but had to cancel because of Eli's illness.
12.24 - Eli's fever was gone.  He was still fussy we figured due to his teeth.  We had our family over for a BIG Mexican meal.  It was fun.  We played Christmas pictionary and enjoyed all of the tasty food Mike (and I) had prepared.

12.25 1AM - I am up puking my guts out -- literally -- blowing chunks of enchiladas, tacos and salsa EVERYWHERE!  I thought that maybe this was due to being pregnant (especially since I did throw up a few times last week) and went back to bed.  Nope, almost every hour I was up blowing chunks until I had no chunks left to blow and could only manage to get tasty stomach bile out.  Sounds fun, right?  To say the absolutely least - I had the WORST Christmas EVER!  I felt so bad for Eli, Mike and my family.  I was pretty much out of commission all day long and what was my Christmas dinner like, you ask?  A half a banana and a saltine cracker!
Christmas morning with Eli!  I was stuck on the couch trying to put a smile on my face but really just wanted to be back in bed.  
12.26 4AM - I wake up to a pool of pink blood that quickly turns to bright red.  Of course, I think I am miscarrying. Thank God I wasn't but the bleeding is still really scary and doctor said I had a "threatened miscarriage" and a 50/50 chance of miscarrying.  Here is a link to the post I've already published that talks about this incident in detail:

When we got home from the ER my mom was with Eli and both her and him had what I had on Christmas: that blasted stomach bug!!! I coulldn't help but scour the internet for some answers.  Diagnose myself with a subchorionic hematoma (SCH).  It is really the only thing that makes sense with my bleeding episode.
12.27 Mike gets the stomach bug.  I am on modified bed rest which proves to be hard with a toddler.  Thank goodness for my parents willingness to help. Continued my (admittedly, not the best of ideas) internet searching.  I am now an expert on SCH's.
12.28 4AM Woke up to blood again -- this time it was brick red turned brown (older).  Argh.  Doesn't get much easier the second time around.  We went to the OB's office and had an u/s.  The tech was super thorough and baby looked great.  She pointed out that, indeed, we did have a sizable SCH.  But, didn't share with me the dimensions even when I asked.  She was a little bit more positive about what the outcome could be than our OB was.  That felt good.  Was told not to pick up Eli and to stop breastfeeding immediately.  Made me really sad but was prepared to do what was best for baby and I.  Link to post with update:

12.29 More worry; bed rest definitely doesn't help that.  To be quite honest, I was sulking in the worst depression I've ever faced.  I didn't want to lose the child I saw doing flips in my belly a couple days previously, but was terrified I would.  I was already so attached to this child.  I couldn't imagine having to go into the hospital and birth a baby who wasn't going to be alive or only for a short time.  Everyone was telling me to be optimist and think positive but I couldn't get these terrible images out of my mind -- mostly from some of the horrifying stories I had read from women who had lost babies between 18-28 weeks due to their SCH.  Beautiful, completely healthy babies.  If anything, I've realized how risky pregnancy is and how painful a miscarriage must be.

Baby Milestones this week:  Continuing the march towards normal proportions, the baby's legs now outmeasure his or her arms. And, finally, all four limbs have functional joints. The baby is squirming and wiggling like crazy down in my womb!

Best Moment of the Week:  Seeing baby on the ultrasound and hearing his/her perfect little thump thump of a heartbeat.  Seeing fingers and toes and lips and nose!  This baby is looking quite human!  It is truly love at first sight!

Obsessions of the Week:  Scouring the internet looking for information on subchorionic hematomas.  Can you really blame me?  People say stay away from the internet but it is easier said than done.  I want to educate myself on possible outcomes while staying as positive as I can be!  Which is also easier said then done. (Don't worry, next week the internet and I break up for a awhile).

Symptoms this Week:  Well, besides the bleeding from the SCH, I am back to going to bed right after Eli and resting as much as possible.  Not sure if this is even pregnancy related; I think I am both physically and emotionally drained. 

Epiphany of the Week:  Sometimes the worst things can make your realize how much you love your child.

What I'm Most Looking Forward to next week:  Praying that the bleeding stops.  We have a follow up with our OB on 1.4.  Looking forward to her answering A LOT of questions for me!

What is different this time around?  I was still in 2nd trimester bliss.  My biggest worry was my growing belly and how I was going to try to fit into my non-maternity pants a couple more weeks.  This time, not so much.  I worry everyday but knowing that you are praying for us too helps more than you will ever know!  Thank you!!

Week 15 Belly Pics: 

12.24 Looking HUGE already!

What I looked like with Eli's pregnancy.  Much smaller!


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