Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Perinatologist Update on SCH -- is baby Stephens still a GIRL?!?!

Here is what a posted in my support groups forum:  (I've bolded a few interesting points)!

***PTL = pre-term labor, PROM = premature rupture of membranes (water breaking)

I'm 17w5d.  Had 1st and only big bleed at 14w3d.   Our 1st ultrasound at 14w5d showed the sch at 6cmx2cm.  No bleeding for a week and have been bleeding brown and clotty for two weeks.

Baby looked great during the u/s -- everything is perfect.  And, she is still a she :) :) :).  However, the hematoma is now measuring 7cmx4cm.  Doctor said it isn't necessarily that it has grown but it is in the margin of error of the previous technician.  Anyways, he said that this size sch is moderate to large.  It is not retroplacental -- which is good and no where near the cervix.  This is the kicker -- he said that due to its location (1st) and size (2nd) it poses NO THREAT whatsoever to the pregnancy.  (Woo Hoo!)  He said I should have a perfectly healthy pregnancy and go on to deliver a full term baby!  He also said that it may take up to 3 months before it bleeds out or is absorbed.  He said that bed rest has shown to do absolutely nothing for this condition and could actually be worse for the outcome! He said to resume normal activity and even light exercising but NOT to pick up my son (24lbs).

Wha?  NO THREAT whatsoever??  I asked a lot about this.  He said that I'm at no more risk of PTL or PROM than any other pregnant woman.  He said there so many studies of this that he is VERY, VERY secure telling me this -- my husband asked twice!  (It would be a different story if the sch was larger or placed behind placenta or near cervix.)

Such a different prognosis than what our OB told us at our visit after the initial bleed -- she pretty much said that there was no chance I would go to full term!

That being said, we saw our OB immediately after who had a different opinion.  She has only been practicing for 2 years but she said that in her experience when women resume normal activity they can have another bright red bleed.  However, she agreed with the Peri and said I could pick up my activity level slowly (which I am going to do) and see how it goes.  She still  had more a bleak outlook when it comes to PTL -- talking about "making it to 24 weeks" and getting steroid shots to progress the baby's lungs, etc.  (When I asked the peri about this he did not concur and said he would not recommend this unless I am showing signs of labor or have recurrent bright red bleeding episodes).  Hmmm... Maybe my OB is being more overcautious ??  She (my OB) was VERY strick when say absolutely do NOT lift my son.

Either way, I like the Peri's prognosis a little better and he has been practicing for 20+ years.  Furthermore, Perinatologists are experts in u/s and obstetrics as well.  I am going to choose to be positive from here on out and NOT read anymore boards whatsoever! In fact, I may post this on babycenter to give 2nd trimester's some hope and a different perspective!  I am going to stick with you guys and pray continually for all!

I go back in for an u/s on when I am 24 weeks just to make sure my placenta has moved up a bit and will definitely update then!

Lots of hugs to you all!


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