Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Thursday, January 31, 2013

OB Visit -- 1.31 -- Two BIG sighs of relief...

I've been anxiously awaiting this OB visit for the past two weeks.  During this time I found out that Group B Strep was found in my urine (a form of a UTI) and researched what exactly that meant.  I found that if you are heavily colonized (found in urine) with GBS your chances of pre-term labor and pre-mature rupture of membranes increases same-what significantly.  So, I had lots of questions about this for my OB.

My OB assured me that the GBS would NOT cause either of the two circumstances (PTL and PROM) I was worried about .  It is the UTI that causes those -- the infection can cause your uterus to become inflamed which then can lead to PTL and PROM.  And, since I took a course of penicillin my infection should be cleared.  To be safe I requested a follow up culture be done.  If GBS is still found in my urine I will take another dose of antibiotics and recheck again.  She didn't seem to be worried at all about the GBS, sigh of relief.

Furthermore, since I've been having some pretty heavy cramping for moderately long periods of time, she wanted to check my cervix to make sure it wasn't causing any softening or dilation.  It was long, hard, thick and obviously very closed!  So happy these annoying cramps aren't being productive!  Yet another sigh of relief during this roller coaster ride of a pregnancy!

The last of my concerns were that I seemed to see a correlation between increasing activity and bleeding.  I told her what the blood looked like (brown mixed with wine colored, and maybe a tinge of pink) and with my description she didn't feel like I was having any active bleeding.  Woo hoo!  She said that it is okay that I'm bleeding still but to limit my activity to short periods of time and nothing too strenuous.  I'm still very thankful for all of the help we have received!

Other than that, she checked baby's heart beat and size and said everything sounds and looks perfect!  Thank you Lord!!!

Each little obstacle that we overcome is a huge blessing in this pregnancy!  Each day and week that passes Mike and I feel more and more secure that we will be meeting our precious bundle come late spring or early summer!  Speaking of Mike, he has been with out a doubt the biggest blessing for me during this extremely emotional time.   (He doesn't try to make me feel bad for worrying -- which I SO appreciate because I know it can be hard to listen to sometimes.)  I believe that the love I have for this baby is one that no one, not even Mike, will understand until she is born.  I am the one carrying her, feeling her movements, etc.  However, Mike has expressed his concern for her and me EVERY single day and prayed for her with me EACH night.  I know he already loves his little girl and the instinct father's have to protect their daughters is already so evident in him.  I knew when I married him I was a lucky woman -- but never would I have imagined the JOY that comes from watching him father our children!  A HUGE thank you to him for all of his sacrifices this last month.



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  1. So glad everything is going well. Prayers for you guys!