Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Friday, December 28, 2012

Update on SCH/No more milk.

I started to bleed again early this morning and called my doctor who scheduled an ultrasound for 9:45.  Mike and I went in and saw our little babe wiggling around, doing flips and turns, kicks and punches.  It is SO amazing what a child looks like at almost 15 weeks-- completely human!  She even told us that she could tell us the sex of the baby but I opted out.  I am just too stressed out right now.  Mike really wanted to know but ultimately, I didn't, so we still don't know if baby is a he or she?

Our baby at almost 15 weeks!  XOXO baby!

We were pleased to be with at the OB's office with an expert sonographer -- rather than at the ER with someone who only had general knowledge.  Baby looks perfect!  Everything that she could look for this early in pregnancy looks absolutely normal!  Even the kidneys!  Praise God!  However, she did find a pretty sizable subchorionic hematoma.  What exactly is a subchorionic hematoma (SCH)?  It is a blood clot between the baby's membranes and the uterus.  There a plenty of risk factors that go along with it which include: miscarriage, premature birth, and still birth (if the clot causes the placenta to rupture).  These risks are fairly low -- as low as 15% (but I have seen up to 30%).  Yet, still very scary.  My SCH is fairly close to the placenta and could be causing the edge of it to rupture and bleed some.  Or, it could be the clot itself releasing the blood.  The sonographer had a bit better of an outlook than our doctor and said she seen women with SCH go to full term.  :)))))))  But, continued that by no means are we "out of the woods."  

My doctor was sick so she didn't see us but the OB nurse practitioner said that I should not pick up Eli, strain to use the RR (sorry, tmi) and stay on modified bed rest.  She doesn't want to agitate the hematoma or cause another one.  She fairly suspects that my stomach bug and all of the heaving I was doing may have caused the first bleed.  So, my parents (God bless them),  are taking shifts over at my home to help me out with Eli and household maintenance.  

It is a with a VERY heavy heart that I mention she also recommended that I stop nursing immediately due to the contractions it causes that uterus to have.  I asked her about this because I remembered talking briefly about it in my bf support group.  Usually breastfeeding during pregnancy is completely safe but if you are at an increased risk of miscarriage it can irritate the uterus furthering the risk.  I feel absolutely horrible for my little man who loves his mama's milk so much!  I know that he has enjoyed breastfeeding for 15.5 months but I don't feel like he is ready to give it up just yet.  He signs for milk plenty through out the day and I love looking down at his contented face sucking away.  I know that weaning should be a slow, compassionate process but in our case it is going to be pretty abrupt.  Poor little man.  I feel like crying.  But, I know this is what is best for baby and me.  Say a prayer for Eli please.

Thank you to everyone who has said prayers for this our little babe!  It is humbling to know how many people care about us (and even people who don't know us at all!) and trust in the Lord!  Mike and I know that He with bless us!  Continue to pray!  

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  1. Yay, that's great and uplifting news! Still thinking of you and baby!