Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Eli's 11th Month: 7.14.12 - 8.14.12

Baby Boy is quickly turning into a little boy and that makes mommy and daddy really sad.  It is fun to watch him grow and learn new things.  And, we couldn't have begun to imagine the amount of pride that would swell up inside of us when our child would accomplish new tasks.  This month he is WALKING!  It took him about two weeks to go from completely crawling to completely walking.  He will still use his beloved walker when he wants to go especially fast!  But, even that is gathering some dust.  :(  Eli is also becoming quite the cuddle-bug.  He likes to come into bed with mom in the morning and snuggle for a few minutes before starting the day.  He eats about anything we give him and especially loves berries.  He likes, no, LOVES to be outside.  The saying about slugs and snails and puppy-dogs' tails is becoming more and more relevant each day.

The adorable faces of 11 month old Eli!
I love him!  My favorite pic is either 2, 8 or 11.  Can you tell he was teething when he turned 5 months old?  :)

Highlights from this month include:

Mommy turned 28!!!

Bennett Family Reunion

On July 21st and 22nd the Bennett Family met in KC for some good ole fashioned family fun!  On Saturday we had some amazing food and great fellowship at my cousins Kurt and Jessica's house.  That night we hosted my other cousins -- Jim and Jake and Olivia and Sophie.  We had a wii tenis tournament which was plenty of fun.  On Sunday, we went to my parents house and played volleyball in their pool -- it was a blast!  I wish we could all live in the same state!!!

The Bennett Family!  We are a good looking clan!  

Some other Family pics of our reunion.  My mother and her siblings.  My cousins.  Lib and Kate.

Some reunion pics of Eli and his relatives.

Meeting my cousins Maddox and Cameron!

My father's brother's daughter (my cousin) was in KC this month -- we hadn't seen each other for YEARS and I contacted her via fb and we were able to get together.  Her sons are so cute and polite!  It was a ton of fun!!  Thanks for hosting us Erica!

Gma and Gpa's 35th Wedding Anniversary!

My parents on their 35th Anniversary!
More pics from the night -- if you notice the picture on top where Eli is grabbing Kate's hand, so sweet!

Eli's Likes:
Eli likes: playing in the living room on the floor, going for walks, rolling around, climbing in things, reading books, playing while standing, swinging, and chewing -- random collection of pictures!!


Getting into mischief!

Play dates with Cousin Kate at Grandma's house!

Play time with Sammie in the backyard pool. 

Snuggling in the morning with my stuffed animals!  I call this one blue-beary!

Using my walker to cruise the neighborhood!
Roseola Virus -- Boo!

Can you spot the spots?   I got this virus in late July?!?!?  It started with a 103 temp and ended with a full body rash (didn't bother me much)! 


I love to point at everything!

Learning to feed myself is hard!
Okay, maybe this isn't quite a milestone but it is a first.  Since mommy does get to curl and braid, by golly, she will give me a mohawk!

I was standing on my own a couple of weeks before I started to walk on my own!

I got my upper central left incisor on August 3rd and the right one followed a few days later on August 7th.

I walked across the living room on August 3rd!  It took me a couple weeks before a became a full time walker but now there is no stopping me!  Good bye hands and knees!

I babble all day long.  Still no words though.

I know open and close, on and off, upstairs and downstairs, sleep, elmo, food, Sammie, bye bye, mommy, daddy, outside, book, blue beary, feet first and much more.

I can climb down stairs -- probably should have gone on 10 month blog.

Daddy taught me to high five this month too!!!


Of course, anytime Eli is sick he wakes up more often and gets out of the routine of sleeping through the night.  So we have to do the cry it out thing AGAIN?!?!?!?  This is like round 5 or 7 or 18.  Yuck!  When will this child just want to sleep with out waking?  Next month is even worse when we travel to California but I'll save that for the next blog.  I will say that hearing stories of babies who sleep like well-fed bears during hibernation, although I am happy for the parents, makes me want to pull my hair out at the same time.  I feel bad and wonder what I am doing wrong as a mother.  But, I guess all babies are different -- with different personalities and wants and needs.  Or at least that is the belief that will keep me sane for now.  :)

I love to sleep with Elmo.

Next month I plan on unleashing all my thoughts about Eli and I's 12 months of nursing.  The good. The bad. The ugly.  Mostly, the GOOD.  It should be interesting...

What we were/are looking forward to next month?

- a trip to Cali for our niece Taylor's 6th birthday!!!

- celebrating Eli's 1st Birthday with friends and family!!!

I'll leave you with a view of the cutest baby butt you've ever seen!  He may hate me for this someday...

Love, Alison