Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Eli's 10th Month: 6.14.12 - 7.14.12

One-Two, I love you
Three-Four, Lets count some more
Five-Six, Get your kicks
Seven-Eight, 'Cause counting is great
Nine, TEN, Numbers are our friends!

Our sweet 10 month old!  He is so wiggly it is hard to get a picture!
Me at 10 months, any resemblance? :)

That is right -- Eli is TEN months old and his mom knows more baby songs than she ever imagined she would!  I remember thinking before I had Eli how annoying baby TV, music, etc was.  People would say, when it is your own child.  I didn't believe them -- but it is TRUE!  In fact as I am writing this we are watching nursery rhymes songs on DVD.

I am such a PROCRASTINATOR!  I always, always have been.  And, this time I'm really paying for it.  I should have been working to publish this post 2.5 weeks ago and instead, I busied myself with other things.  Then, a week ago -- Eli decided it would be a good idea for my iphone to take a dip in the toilet.  All my pictures are GONE.  Thank goodness some from my photo stream survived.  No videos though.  :( So, sadly this months and half of next months blog with be slim on pictures of our sweet babe.

Where to begin?  Eli has become such a sweetie.  He loves to cuddle.  He loves stuffed animals.  He plays with Sammie so well.  He gets so excited to see his daddy when he gets home from work.  He wakes up from naps pointing towards everything.  He loves saying good morning to his family on the family wall in his room.  He is beginning to notice other children but not much.  He still fights sleep like no other child.  He absolutely LOVES the outside.  He is beginning to speak more and more.  He is my little angel and I love him so much!

This month was busy:

Trip to Illinois

Keeping baby boy happy on the 6 hour trip is no easy chore but a banana and slice of salami sure helps!

Mike, Eli and me drove the QC for my cousin, Nic's, HS graduation.  It was fun to see a lot of my dad's family.  Sort of a mini-family reunion.  It was CRAZY at the hotel though.  Lets just say we had to call the cops because our neighbors were threatening us and we were scared for our lives.  NEVER staying in that hotel again!

Some pics with my dad's family, the upper right picture is of my dad and his three sisters.  Last year, two of his three brothers died so it means a lot to be with his family.

Eli with my cousins Jim and Jake and my Aunt Margot and my Great-aunt Pat!

Father's Day

Mike wanted to golf for his 1st official Father's day.  So while we were in IL I got him and my dad a round of golf.  It is too bad Eli didn't get to enjoy it with them but maybe next year!

Shopping at the Independence Center with cousin Kate!

Trip to the Zoo

Eli and I met up with some friends for a trip to the KC Zoo.  They are opening early because of the extreme heat.  Eli loved the polar bear, gorilla and birdies!

Summer School

Summer school went really fast and I'm glad I did it.  My mom babysat Tues-Fri (1/2 days) and our Monday babysitter, Rachel, agreed to take him two days.  We are so grateful for Rachel -- she was so amazing with Eli -- even when we forgot to bring milk to her (or when Mike forgot :))  We are trying to decide what to do with the money.  At first I thought Mike and I should go on a short vaca with out Eli, then I thought we would take Eli and maybe even my parents, then I've always wanted to get braces, or should I save it for things that I want to buy through out the year since I'm not going to be working...  Any thoughts?

4th of July

Independence day was fun.  We went to my sisters to celebrate the holiday and my brother-in-laws birthday.  It was fun to be with friends and family.  And, of course the wonderful food!  We had to leave early because Eli (shocker, right? -- life changes when you have kids!).  When we got home we were going to put Eli to bed but it sounded like we were in the middle of a war zone in our neighborhood so we just brought our lawn chairs outside and watched the pretty fireworks.  Eli liked them and then got bored with them but was content to be outside.


Swimming and Sammie -- at the same time.

He loves to spray Sammie with the hose and she loves it too!

Eli LOVES Elmo!

Bath time


Feeding myself

Being outside

Pushing things on the floor

Snuggling with stuffed animals

Using the walker to get a around -- he is a PRO!


At his nine month check he was 80th percentile for height and 48 percentile for weight -- what a change.  He has met all his milestone except for talking repeatedly and clapping, although he does know to bang two objects together when we say bang but hates to when we try to clap his hands -- he'll do these when he wants too. (in fact, i'll let the cat out of the bag and tell you he is now at 10.5 months)  Other than that -- healthy as a horse! 

July 10th -- Eli took his first step!  Two steps the next day. 

Using a spoon (or at least trying!)


Can sign "more" when eating


Eli for the most part (75%) sleeps through the night, nurses in the early am and goes back to sleep.  He sleeps from 11 to 11.5 hours a night.  Huge improvement!!!

Could you tell by these pics this child fights sleep and dislikes the car seat? :)


  1. Loved this month's blog! Love you, Eli! Xoxo

  2. Loved this month's blog! Love you, Eli! Xoxo