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Stephens Family

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Eli's 8th Month: 4.14.12 - 5.14.12 AND Eli's 9th Month: 5.14.12 - 6.14.12

Eli’s 8th Month: 4.14.12 – 5.14.12

My apologies for updating two of Eli’s months in one post .  I am seeking some grace from all of Mike and Ali Plus One’s devoted followers – Lord knows this has been a crazy, crazy two months!  Eli was sick with hand, foot and mouth twice during this time!?!?!  I ended my 5th and last-for-now year of teaching!  We closed on our house and moved into our new home (which was being renovated – painted, floors, etc -- the first couple of weeks we lived there!)!  Mike also started his new job at Adknowledge as a Senior Financial Analyst.   We are way up there on the stress meter to say the least!

But, my-o-my have these last two months been sweet!  Eli is bursting with personality!  He is constantly on the move – crawling, climbing up, and cruising around.  He even stood on his own for a few seconds several times!  We have been very blessed to find some sweet moments in the midst of this craziness!  Eli is about the cutest 8 month old cutie pie you’ve ever seen!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have mover!  On Eli’s 7th month birthday he had his first official crawl!  Two months ahead of schedule!  I don’t know who was more proud – Mike or I?  Mike thinks Eli is going to be an athletic little bugger (and it wouldn’t surprise me knowing Mike and his athleticism). 

My first official Mother’s Day:

We had just closed on our home the a few days before and moved in the previous day.  However, in the midst of all of the unpacking and chaos of moving we took sometime on Sunday to celebrate my first Mother’s Day.  Eli wasn’t feeling the best – he had a low grade fever which we thought was due to teething -- but we still went to my parents for a nice lunch and some visiting.  Mike got me a very cute card from Eli and one from himself too.  Sometimes it is hard to believe that I am a mom!!!  I always knew I wanted to be a mom but I never knew how rewarding it was going to be!  The kind of love I feel for Eli is indescribable.  It really has helped me understand how much God must love his children.  To say the VERY least, my experience of being a mother thus far has been wonderful  Thanks be to God for giving me such a sweet, loving child and for allowing me to be his mother.

The tail end of my 1st Mother's Day -- what a precious way end the day.  Little did I know a couple hours later he would be awake with a 105 degree temperature!

That night at 10 pm Eli woke up with a 105 degree temperature.  We rushed to Children’s Mercy South.  They checked him and decided he either had a urinary tract infection or some type of virus.  We got home at 2am and Mike had his first day of work the next day.  Poor guy!

Eli ended up having hand, foot and mouth virus.  However, we didn’t know until that Wednesday when we visited the doctor because his fever wasn’t letting up.  She looked in his mouth and he had sores all over the place!  Poor little guy!  He continued to have his fever through Friday so we had to get a CBC which all turned out fine.  This was NOT a fun time and we were up almost every hour with him that week.  Tired mommy and daddy + sick baby = crabby family.  Finally, he was feeling better the following Sunday. 

Eli's first emergency trip to Children's Mercy South.  He looks miserable.  He is crying because he had to get a catheter.  :(  Poor babe.



Pulling up


Sammie is so sweet.  She lets Eli pull on her ears. 

Sticking out his tongue

Feeding himself  J

My Great Aunt Margot

My Great Aunt Margot came into town to meet my cousin Kate and I got some cuddle time too!  :)

Bath Time

Still mouthing just about everything!


Still is not the fondest of the car but is doing much better.  Thank the Lord! 

Mommy leaving the room.  L


Crawling - 1st time was on 4/14 -- slow and careful, now he is lightening fast!

Walking in the walker

Sitting on his knees

Beautiful Boy.

Eli doesn’t really have an words like baba or mama or dada.  He mostly just uses vowels.  He does use inflection though.  Sometimes I think I here an ahboo or ma but no other consonants.


CIO really helped but then he got sick and of course we weren’t going to let him cry!  So, we had to start all over again.  L L L

Breastfeeding Update

This was a hard month.  Eli bit me several times which me it very uncomfortable to feed him.  Thankfully, I still had some of the triple nipple cream. The first time it happened I had a knee-jerk reaction and went “hhuuhhh!” really loud and it scared Eli and he started to ball.  Then I started to say no and stop nursing him and we have been fine ever since.  My supply has dropped dramatically since he has started solids.  I was pumping around 13 ounces and now I am lucky to 8-9.  Makes me a little sad. Glad to have a happy, healthy growing boy though!


Eli enjoys all foods.  I was worried that he would only like fruits but nope!  He likes everything.  He now eats a little cereal and fruits for lunch and a veggie for dinner.  Gerber 2 foods.  He also likes the gerber puffs.


Eli’s 9th Month: 5.14.12 – 6.14.12

Eli’s personality is so much fun this month!  He giggles, laughs and squeals frequently and, oh my, does it make our hearts smile.  He is the fastest crawler I’ve ever seen.  He will see a toy or person (especially mama) and squeal as he crawls to it!  It is so cute!  He has also become quite the cuddler!  He loves to cuddle with mama, dada, elmo, monkey, and scout!  He will crawl around the room and give all of his stuffed animals hugs!  What a sweet boy!

Good Bye 312B!

We said our goodbyes to our sweet home May 19th.  Mike and I have so many memories in this little home.  We are going to miss it and its perks – it is located in the heart of LS and is so close to everything!  It is such an adorable space and we worked super hard to get it there!  A little piece of us will always reside at 312B NE Independence Ave.It was our first home and the home we brought Eli to after he was born.  We will miss you little home!

That being said, I have no idea what-so-ever how in the heck we fit all of our stuff into 988sq ft now that we are living in almost triple the space!  I thought we would have tons of extra space but I already feel like we are filling it up!  I’m so excited to finish all the painting, flooring, unpacking, etc and just start to enjoy living in the home.  I’m also looking forward to being able to host events!  312B was too small but our new home is perfect for any occasion!

Hand, foot and mouth round two

On June 5th Eli and I were getting ready for his first swim lessons.  I noticed he felt a little hot as I was changing him into his swim shirt.  I also noticed his seemed a little fussy.  I took his temperature and sure enough it was 102.  We went to the doctors and guess what he told me?  Hand, foot and mouth: AGAIN?!?!?!  My heart dropped because I knew how terrible it was for Eli the first time!  L  I guess babies can get HFM back to back.  The doc told me that he has never seen this many cases of HFM as he has this year in all of his years (15) combined!  Eli’s temperature this time only lasted two days but the sores in his mouth stuck around for 7.  Lets pray he NEVER gets this again!

Eli fell asleep before we could even get out the door for swim lessons and slept almost the entire day!  To say the least we never made it to any swim that week!  :(
Eli's First Kansas City Royals Game!  He even has a certificate to prove it!



This is a picture of his video monitor -- Eli is snuggling with his big stuffed Elmo.  :)


Eli loves to crawl around the living room and snuggle his head into his stuffed animals.  What a sweetie!
 Walking with the walker


Adorable Beach Baby!

Opening and closing the cupboards

Daddy finished baby-proofing the house recently.  Now he can only pull them out a couple of inches...  Thank you, Mike!

Playing with Sammie (he takes her bone and she takes it back, this goes on for 20 or so minutes) it is so funny!  Here he is taunting her with the broom!

Pickles, Popsicles, Popcans, Watermelen and Olive Garden Breadsticks

My paci -- all of the sudden!


Mommy leaving the room  -- we have definitely entered the Eli prefers mommy stage. 

Mommy setting me down

Taking a toy away from me

Sleeping/My crib  L

My sun hat!  I always try to take it off.


He knows what “no, no” means

Standing for a few seconds

Still not really talking – a few ba’s and ma’s


We tried CIO for the second time, but it was so hard to hear him cry.  Then, he got sick again.  So currently his is waking up every 1-2 hours at night.  Do I look like a zombie?  Not quite but I feel like one!  Eli has also been hard to put down for naps.  He is fighting sleep like never before.  I read this happens around 8 months when their mobility is sky rockets and they can’t turn their brains off to get some R&R.  Hopefully this won’t last long.  His bed time has also fluctuated between 6:30 and 11:00.  I’m ready for some consistency!  I would love a 7:30-8:00 bedtime but I don’t know if it is in the cards for us.  Eli only sleeps 10 hours at night and likes to go to be late.  Say a prayer for us with this whole sleep issue.  It is the only part of parents that SUCKS!  People say to enjoy the midnight cuddles but I am sorry at nine months I would rather be sleeping the bf’ing and cuddling.  I know, I’m horrible.  Well, maybe if it was just midnight I’d be more into it but 10, 12, 1, 2, 4, and 6 is no fun!  I am praying that by the time his is one year old he will be sleeping through the night.  J   

 Breastfeeding Update:

Supply is back up now that I am home with Eli.  He likes to "snack" often and he seems to be more efficient than the pump that I was using everyday at school!  I seriously don't ever want to see that pump again!  I am glad that I made a commitment to continue to bf when I went back to school but pumping is just no fun.  It is much better just giving Eli the "real" thing.  My dad calls him boobface because he likes to cuddle up with mama so much.  I do have to pull out the pump again for summer school from June 19 - July 6th, I will survive and Eli will get his sweet milk. 

My goals change weekly if not daily for how long I want to bf.  I know I want to continue until he is one year but sometimes I think 18 months, 24 months?? I highly doubt we will go longer than 24 months.  After all the hype with the Time Mag Cover -- it makes you contemplate your philosophy with bfing.  My philosophy is that as long as we are both still enjoying it, why not? I do LOVE bfing but I have to admit that I am feeling a little worn out.  Just a little.  Maybe it is because I nurse at night??  Not sure but its there.  Bfing is a two way street and I'm praying I'll make the right decision as when to wean.  I guess I don't even have to worry about that for 3 more months. 

Mike has been such a huge support when it comes to bfing.  I love him.


 Eli LOVES food and I hate to admit this but I have given him food to make him stop crying.  He now eats cereal/oatmeal for breakfast, fruit for lunch and a veggie/meat for dinner.  He can eat most torn up table foods and really enjoys feeding himself (which is really nice because if we go out to eat it will keep him busy almost the whole time!).  He eats gerber 3 foods and table foods.  Gma and Gpa gave him a popsickle and he loved it!  They told me that is what grandparents are for!  :)  He likes to drink while he eats too and uses the sippy cup all by himself.  Sometimes he needs a little reminder that you have to tip it up.  :)

What we are looking forward to next month?

 Getting settled in our home and on a routine.  Eli has no routine what-so-ever and I know it would really be good for him!  On my 28th birthday we are having a Bennett family reunion here in KC.  I am very excited to see all my family and have them play/meet Eli!

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  1. Oh girl... I hear ya about the sleep... Hannah finally
    Figured it out around 9mo and the CIO is what did it. She's been sleeping from 8:30 to 7:30 (nursing at 5) since then. Now I'm ready to drop that one... Solid sleep would be lovely! I hope that encourages you! We should get together soon and chat!