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Stephens Family

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Eli's 6th Month: 2.14.2012 - 3.14.2012

6 months!

What a difference a half a year can make!  You'll always be my baby no matter how big you get Eli!

What an exciting month this has been!  I can't believe my baby is already half way into his first year!  It seems like yesterday I was holding my 8lb 7oz brand new baby boy!  Time flies when you are in LOVE!  A co-worker told me when I returned to work 3 months ago that it just keeps getting better and better.  Her son is 16 and she says it is still getting better!  I hope I can say that when Eli is 16.  For now, I'll enjoy my 6 month old cutie!  For those of you who haven't seen Eli lately, he is SO cute -- I just can't stop kissing those cute little cheeks!

Mike took this photo shoot of Eli and I for St. Patty's day (he is wearing green if you can't tell!) He is such a happy, happy boy! We send cards to relatives for each holiday. It is a way that mommy keeps the memory of her grandmother, Pauline Bennett alive. She would send her a card for each holiday every year of her life -- that is a lot of cards. They meant so much to her from that time she was little, through college and even into her married life. Family is so important to us and we hope to tell Eli all about how amazing his great grandma Bennett was!

P.S.  Every single blog pic this month is from my iphone -- I swear that is all we take pictures on any more -- thank God for technology!
Eli's Likes:

His Cousin Kate

Eli giving Kate a kiss.  Kate is like What is this boy doing to me?

Grandma's excersaucer

Gma and mommy went to the Just for Friends Consignment Sale on 2/18 and Gma got this steal for $15!  I love it because all my toys fit  around the edge!  Gma's house is filling up with baby toys now that she has two little, precious grandbabies!  :)

His spoon

I love my rubber spoon so much I can barely see straight!  :)

My sister Sam

Pound it!

Harley Davidson

Opa said, "I'm born to ride!"

Naps with Dad

This is a repeat from previous months -- but I sure do love my snuggly sleep with dad!

My friends at babysitters

Now that my cousin Kate is here and grandma watches her I Mondays -- I get to hang out with these cuties!  Mommy feels very blessed to have found my new babysitter because she is awesome!

My mesh feeder!

This contraption really helps when I am teething!  I especially like frozen mangos!

Twinkle, Twinkle and No More Monkeys and all things Baby Einstein

Daddy stuffs me in my pack in play in the mornings, turns on Baby Galileo and tries to get a few more minues of snooze.

Peek-a-boo and I'm gonna get you!

Smiling with his eyes!  Love this boy!

Chewing on my pacifiers (and everything else I can get into my mouth).

Being outside.

Mommy loves my little curl!

Eli's dislikes:

You guessed it -- the CAR SEAT!  We finally found something that helps though -- a car DVD player!  Thank the Lord for that!

Add caption

Not being able to reach a toy

Falling over from a sitting position (especially if he bumps his head)

Mommy or Daddy walking away

Teething!  Poor guy!

Eli is a fussy teether but a cold wash cloth helps!!

Eli's Milestones:

Standing while holding on to something

Sitting up like a champ! 

Eli loves that he doesn't have to stay in his car seat at restaurants anymore -- bring on the germ infested high chairs!

Getting into a crawl position and rocking!

Mike calls this Eli's referees position (wrestling stance).

Eli will take steps while you hold his hands -- it is so cute!

Baby Sign Language class:

Mike and I went to a baby sign language class together held by LS parents as teachers.  We learned a lot and have started signing -- eat, more, milk, dada, and mama

Wichita Weekend:

Mike and I headed south to Wichita, KS for the first weekend of my spring break.  It was nice to get away and check out a new city.  We stayed at the Drury Plaza Inn in DT Wichita.  It was a nice space.  Eli was fairly good on the car trip -- we bought a DVD player for the car that worked wonders on him!  He enjoyed observing all the new places and we all had fun eating out and splashing around in the hotel pool!

On our way to the hotel pool!
In the hotel lobby!

On our way back home, do I really have to sit in this car seat again???

6th Month Stats:

19lbs -- 74%
27.5 inches -- 82%
61% for head circumference
Eli met all of the social and physical 6th month markers -- Doc thinks he is a beautiful boy and so do we!


It is a sore subject right now and I'd rather not even get into it.  Lets just say that Eli continues to wake up, nurse, sometimes go back to bed, sometimes stay awak and want to play (in the middle of the night playing with your baby is NOT fun).  Lets also say that I AM JEALOUS of every mom with babies that sleep through the night at 6mo.  Lets say one more thing, I know it is my fault because I can't let him cry it out but I am an inch away from doing -- just trying to make it to 7 months to see if it gets any better.  Pray please.

What we are looking forward to next month?

Eli's first St. Patty's day (he has Irish blood on his daddy's side -- O'Shaughnessy)
Eli's first Easter
All the fun that comes with watching our baby grow, learn and explore the world around him!

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  1. He is such a handsome little guy! Goodness girl... I totally feel for you win the sleep thing... We were soooo there when Hannah was 6mo. Sleep training is the hardest thing you'll do as a mom (until hey're teenagers) but it will save your sanity! Hannah definitely doesn't sleep perfectly or for 12hrs like some babies do, but it HELPED soo much!