Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eli's 5th Month: 1.14.2012 - 2.14.2012

Eli continues to pull at my heartstrings everyday!  He is growing up so quickly and I can't get enough of his FUN personality!  He has changed so much this month!  He is rolling, jumping, laughing, kicking, sitting up unaided, standing, grabbing, chewing, rumbling, blowing bubbles, and.... eating solids!  My-o-my, my baby is no longer a baby baby.  He is a big baby.  Eli's growth is bittersweet.  Each new stage is so much fun but as he becomes more active and independent he needs his mommy less and less.  :(  For now, I will soak up every moment that I get with my beautiful boy!  Isn't he just the cutest thing you've ever seen?

A Shower for Libby and Kate!

My mother and I threw a shower for my sister on January 16th.  It was so great to see Libby be showered with so many wonderful baby girl items.  (I have to admit I was a little jealous of all the bows, ruffles, dresses and pink items!)  Libby has some amazing and CREATIVE friends!  She is truly blessed.

My Aunts Margot and Monica and my Great Aunt Pat came from Illinois to celebrate with us!  It was Eli's first time meeting his Great Aunt Monica and his Great-great Aunt Pat (my gma's sister).

Eli attended the shower --he wanted to celebrate Kate's soon-to-be arrival too!  In fact he was so excited he wanted to let everyone know by saying "Ahhhhhh" very loudly for quite some time during the middle of the shower.  Mommy thinks this is cute but I'm sure not everyone enjoys his new found voice was much as me!  His girlfriend Quinn was there too!  They played on the floor a lot and then Eli decided it was time for a little nap in which Aunt Monica's arms became a perfect spot for a little snoozaroo! 

Eli holding Quinn's hand!  So cute!

Eli and his Great, great Aunt Pat!

Eli taking a nap in his Great Aunt Monica's arms!

Meet Eli's cousin Kate!

Written 2.9.12

Last Friday evening, my 38 week pregnant sister texted me 911!  When I saw the text, I got a jolt of excitement knowing that either her water broke or she was starting to have frequent contractions!  I called her and immediately asked, "Did your water break?"  She answered, "Yes!" 

29 hours later, my niece Katherine Elizabeth Bowerman was born!  She was born at 11:50 on February 4th weighing 7lbs 8oz and measuring 20 inches long!  She has got a full head of dark brown, curly hair.  Two of the most adorable dimples you've ever seen, and long fingers that she likes to put in her mouth!  I'm so proud of my sister who is such a wonderful mother!

Kate was born 8 days early and yet, has an extremely strong sucking reflex.  The first time I saw her she wasn't even two hours old and she looked like a little bird opening her mouth and turning her head from side to side.  It was so precious! 

The day after she was born Mike, Eli and I went to the hospital so they could meet and snuggle with Kate.  We all have fallen in love with this precious baby girl -- just look at the pictures and you'll see why!

Katherine Elizabeth Bowerman - 1 day old.

My sis and her BEAUTIFUL baby girl!

I'm one proud Auntie!

Eli's first look at his first cousin Kate!

Eli's FIRST Valentine's Day!

Eli received a few very special Valentine's in the mail!  He enjoyed looking at them and, you guessed it -- chewing on them!   Gma and Gpa got him a few new sleepers and mommy and daddy splurged on some new toys at the local consignment shop, Wild Child.  He is my cutest Valentine ever!


Eli's LIKES:

Walking around the track at the Legacy Center with mommy or daddy in the Baby Bjorn!

Watching the Nursery Rhymes DVD Aunt Monica gave me!  I especially like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and No More Monkey's Jumping on the Bed.   I squeal with delight when these two come on!

Mike's mom would be so proud!  She loves nursery rhymes!

Being tossed in the air!  Daddy even does 180's and 360's with me!

Hanging upside down.  This is a good trick to get me to stop fussing!

Chewing on my hands and feet (and anything else I can get into my mouth) !


Looking at myself!


Going for walks -- finally!

A walk in January with Mama!


Being set down.

Not being able to get something he wants into his mouth.

Being ignored.  That sounds horrible.  Ignoring a baby?  But, sometimes you just can't get to your baby as quick as he would like you to!  And, Eli knows how to let you know he wants you!  Waaa!   Waaa!

Still dislikes his carseat and car rides very much!

I now fuss when toys are taken away from me.  :(

Eli's Milestones:
Eli can sit up unaided for a few minutes at a time. 

Big boy in the shopping cart!

He can also stand alone while holding on to something.

Eli started eating Gerber's Rice Cereal at five months.  The original plan was to wait and introduce solids at 6 months (AAP recommendation).  But, our little Eli was so interested in watching us eat.  I mean he is fascinated!  He also can sit up on his own very well.  Both of these are signs that babies are ready to eat!  At first, he wasn't sure was to think but he got the hang of it and I think he likes it!  Mike and I are excited to give him new freshly pureed foods each week!  At around 7 months we may start the Baby Led Weaning technique -- giving baby whole foods in bitty pieces and letting them feed themselves!  It may be messy but the research shows that it promotes healthy, happy eating habits.  We'll see!

Yum! Rice cereal.  Funny story -- I sent Mike to the store to buy some rice cereal for Eli and he came back with toddler puffs!  Ha!


Sleep. What a glorious, wretched word.  As I write this Mike is in Europe (London and Paris) getting 5 full nights of uninterrupted, heavenly sleep.  I'm. So. Jealous. 

Eli sleep habits are like the Katy Perry song Hot 'n Cold.  One week he is progressing and the next he is regressing.  This month has got to the worst so far.  Some nights he is up EVERY hour.  Other nights he sleeps for 2-4 hours at a time.

What could be affecting his sleep so much?  One -- he is fighting his swaddle.  He is a strong boy and rips out of that thing pretty fast!  Who wants to be wrapped up like a mummy all night long?  Not my little boy.   However, if he isn't swaddled he seems to wake himself up with his arms flailing about.  So, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Any advice?  Two -- I think he is teething.  His gums don't show it but he is constantly chewing on his hands, or anything he can fit in his mouth!  Furthermore, he is a drooling machine and very congested.  All of these are signs of teething!  Oh no!

Precious One.

Breastfeeding Update:

Just like Eli, breastfeeding has changed so much from when I first began.  Eli is very easily distractable.  He pops on and off the breast like a champ.  He will be sucking away and then hear the phone ring or Sammie bark or daddy's voice and immediately stop, turn his head and look to see what action he is missing out on.  Then, he looks up at me, gives me the sweetest grin and goes back at it!  It is cute and annoying at the same time! 

Pumping at work is still going well as it is supplying Eli with his milk for the next day.  But it is just bleh for me and I think do I seriously have to do this again?  And, again?  I barely have enough time in my day to answer emails let alone grade or plan!  BUT, it is definitely worth it!  And, I plan to continue to pump at work until the end of the school year -- which is three months from TODAY! 

I've recently noticed a drop in my supply at night time.  I know it is normal for your supply to lessen in volumn from AM to PM but I am only getting drops at 5pm.  So, I've started to take Fenugreek.  I think I already see an increase but I'll keep you posted! 

Mommy and Eli!

What are we looking forward to next month?

My SPRING BREAK!!! Yay!!!  Mike has been working like a horse lately and he plans to take a few days off with us!  We really need some quality family time.  Mike rarely gets to see Eli for more than an hour if at all during week nights because he works so many hours.  Then, on the weekends we are exhausted and busy with projects or social events.  So, I will be a very happy camper to have my two boys by my side for a few days of family fun!

Mommy's top "Pics" of the Month:

Eli just woke up here and looks so happy!

Everyone comments on Eli's alphafa sprout!  It is so cute!

Eli after church  in his Sunday BEST!

Just chillin at the Dr's office.

I'm such a happy boy!

Too cute!

Mmmm -- my Johnny Jump Up tastes so good!

Don't you just want to squeeze those legs?

Hello!  :)ness!

Sammie and I playing in the snow!