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Stephens Family

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Eli's Second Month: 10.14 - 11.14

***The pictures in this post are grainy b/c I had to resize them to upload them faster.  Click on the flickr link at the below to see ALL of Eli's 2nd month photos in much better quality!  :)

Wow!  Eli has changed so much this month -- it is unbelievable!  He is such a cutie!  He is smiling and laughing now, especially in the morning with mommy!  I'm going to miss this time terribly when I got back to work in three weeks!  :(


       What a change!!!

We have had a month full of visitors and it has been so much fun!  First my Aunt Margot, Uncle Scott and cousin Jim came to visit.  They live in Illinois.  They made the trip for just one night and stayed with my parents.  We had lots of fun hanging around and cuddling with Eli.

Eli's great uncle Scott holding and talking to him!

My mom's sister and Eli's great aunt Margot giving Eli some special love!

Next, Mike's parents came in from CA!  They arrived on Saturday, October 22nd and stayed through the 29th.  Eli loved meeting his Oma and Opa!  Eli calls Mike's parents Oma and Opa because that is what he called his grandparents.  It means grandma and grandpa in German.  We got to explore KC with them, had lots of tasty food, and spent the majority of the time just hanging out at our house and loving on Eli.  They were so good with Eli -- baby pros!  Eli soaked up all of their attention and love.  I learned a lot from Mike's mom that week -- 1. He likes a good firm pat on the back 2. He loves listening to nursery rhymes via iphone and 3. He is happy hanging out in the Baby Bjorn.  Eli misses his Oma and Opa so much and he can't wait for Christmas to cuddle with them again. 

Eli's first cuddle with his Oma.

We met Mike's parents at the airport and handed Eli over for a quick picture -- love at first sight!

Eli and his grandparents at Nelson-Atkins.

He loves to cuddle and play with his Oma and Opa!
The following week my BFF and her hubby, Carrie and Tyler, came to KC from Indianapolis to meet and snuggle with Eli.  We were so thrilled to spend the weekend with them!  Carrie and Tyler are naturals when it comes to holding and playing with babies!  They'll be such great parents when that time comes!  ;)

My bestfriend Carrie and her husband Tyler -- made the trip from Indianapolis to meet precious Eli!

Care loving on Eli!

We've also had visits from our friends Amie, Ashley and Matt, and Lindsey and Andrew.  Everyone thinks he is so cute and loves to cuddle with him.

My friend Amie (from GU) and Eli!

Eli's First Halloween was fun!  He was a little monkey and, boy, was he cute!  He didn't want any candy though -- just sweet tasting breast milk!  :P


Eli with daddy and co-workers babies at his work!  Kiddos go trick-or-treating around to all the cubes.  How fun1

Eli with his friends at bf support group.  He is in the second row between the pumpkin and the hamburger!

Eli's Likes:

What did Eli dig this month?

1. Feeding.  He gained 3 lbs this month and had a growth spurt during his 6th week.  His favorite place was snuggling up with mom at the breast.  At my weekly support group they call this the 4th trimester.  I'm going to miss meeting this need when I got back to work and am praying that my supply will stay while pumping at work.  I know it can be done from listening to other working bf'ing mommies.
My Chub Rock!  Drowsy -- We call this "milk coma."  :)

2. Cooing and Baby-Talking.  Eli is talking up a storm!  He is especially verbal in the mornings while on his changing table.  Funny, huh?  He will mimic us too!  So sweet!

3. Baby Bjorn.  Mike's parents pulled this out on their visit and discovered that he would spend up to an hour in this just as content as could be.

4. Working out with Daddy.  Mike says he is going to patent a work out for parents and infants.  He can work out all of his muscle groups using Eli as a weight.  Eli doesn't mind being daddy's dumb bell  :)  They usually do this when I go to bed at night.

5. Being and looking outside.  When Eli cries I can take him outside and he will stop crying on the spot.  He loves to look around and feel the soft breeze on his face.

With grandpa on the swing -- loving this warm November weather!

On the swing at grandma and grandpa's house with daddy!

  6. His mobile.  I've moved it above his changing table and he loves to watch the sports balls move around and around while we are changing him.  He even fusses a little when it stops!

7.  Fist chewing.  Eli started to chew on his fists just recently.  He also has begun to drool.  This made me concerned thinking that he was possibly starting to teeth already!  But after talking with other mommies this behavior seems pretty normal for his age -- Thank God!

8. Bouncing, bouncing, bouncing and more bouncing

9. Swinging in the Johnny Jumper -- he loves this and falls asleep in it quite often. 

10. Napping with daddy!  He gets his love of sleep from his dad!

Eli's Dislikes:

1. Eli still isn't very fond of being changed when he is sleepy.

2. Being awake in the carseat -- he hates this!  I better have a binky ready for him or I'm in for it!  I've had to pull over a couple of times to settle him down and/or feed him.

Two Month Milestones:

Social Smile :)

Lots of baby talking going on - cooing, Ah-goo, etc

Little giggles here and there

Batting at toys

He can hold his head steady when upright

Lift head momentarily when on stomach

Here I go!

I said momentarily!

Breastfeeding Update:
After my one-on-one consultation with the St. Lukes LC's we decided to treat me and Eli for thrush even though there were not any true sign of it except for the pain I was experiencing.  Usually if thrush is present mom will have shooting pains in her breast while feeding and baby will have white spots in his/her mouth.  Neither Eli or I had this.  However, I had unexplained nipple pain -- no trauma and good latch.   And, because Eli was on antibiotics and he been since birth they (the LC's) felt that our best best was to treat for thrush (thrush is a yeast infection of the breast -- very, very common in bf/ing moms).  I was skeptical at first because I didn't have the exact symptoms but was willing to try anything to stop the pain.  After about a week of treatment -- ta da!  NO more pain.  Thank the Lord!  BF'ing has gotten so much better and is truly something I look forward to each day.  It makes me feel good knowing that I am providing for Eli every nutritional thing that he needs.  I'm so glad I was as dedicated as I was and I wouldn't have been able to do it with out the loving support of my husband. 

Two Month Doctor Visit Stats:

Eli is now...
24 inches -- thats 4 inches in two months! -- 84 percentile
13 lbs 8 oz -86 percentile
Dr. thinks he looks awesome and seems very healthy.  We mentioned how much Eli was crying and he asked if Eli spits up a lot and if it smells sour.  True.  So, he put Eli on some meds for reflux -- these seem to be working already because he is crying a lot less.  Our poor baby had heartburn the last month and we didn't even know it! 

The number one question people ask... 

Are you sleeping? YES.  (Mike more than me but thats okay.)

I've made a sleep chart on excel to chart when Eli is sleeping, awake, feeds, and is fussy to see if I could see a pattern.  Eli sleeps on average 15.5 hours a day and still eats every 2-3 hours.  At night he can go up to 5 hours with out feeding.  He was going to bed at 11 like clock work but after his immunizations he sleep all day and now he is going to be at 8 -- yay!!! 

What are we looking forward to next month?

Eli's continued growth and development. 

A tasty Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house. 

Christmas shopping for a child!

We are so blessed and falling more and more in love every day with our beautiful son!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eli's First Halloween! Boo! :o

I made a voicethread of Eli's first Halloween.  Click the link below to see and hear about our fun weekend!  Make sure you turn the volume up on your computer!