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Stephens Family

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our BIG Scare

September 11th, 2011

First, I want to warn any pregnant mommies who read my blog -- this may not be the post for you.  I've been told (and I agree) not to listen to any negative pregnancy/labor stories while pregnant.   So here is your chance to take my advice and click the X in the upper right hand corner of  your screen -- you can visit again next week for a more positive post -- or maybe even a birth story!  :)

The purpose of this blog has been to document our pregnancy -- unfortunately for us, we have had some hick ups along the way from placenta previa to Eli's hydronephrosis to worrying about the realistic possibility of being a CF carrier (I'm not) and now to this.  I've never meant to scare anyone.  I've just tried to be completely honest about what is going on and how we are coping with it.  Hopefully, if you have read our blog somewhat regularly you have felt the love and excitement we have for our son and enjoyed hearing all of the positive things we've experienced.  God has truly blessed us and we are so thankful for every second of Eli's growth in my womb.

So, why was today the scariest day of my life? 

I woke up at 5:50 am to the feeling of warm liquid coming from my vagina.  I felt the liquid and saw that it was clear.  I then woke up Mike saying, "Mike, I think my water just broke -- crap, I didn't want to have this child on September 11th!"  (Ever since I learned of his due date I knew I didn't want to have him on 9/11 -- a tragic day in our nation's history that is remembered by its date "9/11,"  unlike 12/7 which was the day that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor -- we call that day "Pearl Harbor" -- I just didn't want his birthday to be connected to such a terrible event and such a sad, sad day.) Well, Eli's birth date being on 9/11/11 would soon be the least of my worries because I quickly noticed that I was losing A LOT of bright red blood. 

Rewind 27 years one month and 18 days.  My mother was sleeping, felt the same warm liquid and woke up to a big puddle of blood.  Her and my father called her doctor who ordered them to get to the hospital immediately and told them they didn't have time to even drop my older sister off at the babysitters.  When they arrived at the hospital my mother was taken in for an emergency c-section because her placenta had begun to rupture.  Thankfully, I arrived a healthy, happy baby.

Now, I've heard the above story I don't know how may times on July 20th as my parents and grandparents reminisce about my birth.  And, most pregnant moms know (if they have done any reading) that the placenta is the baby's life-line in the womb.  Without it the baby wouldn't get any nutrients or oxygen and would die.  So, when I saw all of the blood this morning my first thoughts were that my placenta had begun to rupture and we better get to the hospital ASAP.  I called my mom right away and told her what was going on and that she and my dad might want to head to the hospital as well.  I then made my way to the bathroom and continued to bleed bright red blood and, at this point, both Mike and I were pretty much in panic mode.  He was throwing our bags into the car and I was yelling at him to get me some pants so we could leave.  When I stood up I felt a huge blood clot come out of me (size of a large egg -- looked like a slice of liver) which made me worry even more.  Honestly, this is probably pretty naive but I thought it could possibly be part of my placenta.  I was horrified and in tears thinking I could lose Eli.  I told Mike to call for an ambulance because I wanted to get to the hospital right away.  He called 911 but we decided that we could be faster than waiting for the ambulance.  So I threw on the shorts Mike that grabbed me and some underwear and a pad and we got into the car.  I didn't even have any shoes on. 

Our drive to the hospital at 6:15 in the morning was intense -- both of us were very worried and didn't talk much.  I prayed for Eli's safety and that I would feel him move -- which I didn't.  Mike drove very fast and went through red lights.  I called the hospital and explained what was going on so they knew what to anticipate.  When we arrived Mike dropped me off at the front, parked and ran to meet me at the elevator.  We made it to the maternity ward reception/waiting area and there was no one to let us in so Mike pounded on the doors until a nurse showed up.  We went to the triage room and they put me in a gown and started to ask me questions like birth date, spelling of last name -- all I can think is when are you going to check to see if my baby is okay???  Finally, I said are you going to check for a heart beat?  I think they could hear the concern in my voice so they put the monitors on my belly and, thank the Lord, we immediately heard Eli's heartbeat!  Relief.  Wonderful, saturating relief.

I was still pretty sure that we would have Eli before leaving the hospital because I thought my water had broken and I know that if your water breaks and you're not already in labor they will induce it.  Before there was any blood, there was quite a bit of clear liquid and I'm pretty sure I didn't pee myself -- plus, that just didn't make sense to me with all the blood that came after.  They continued monitor Eli's heartbeat and also checked my BP and pulse.  Pretty quickly we had new nurses starting a fresh shift.  We explained to them what had happened and they called the on call doctor to see what she wanted to do.  She ordered an ultrasound to check on his amniotic fluid level.  And, we were told to just hang tight until the sonogram tech arrived.  She arrived and the ultrasound showed that his amniotic fluid level was 12.7 which was normal.  This did not mean that my water had not broken because his head could have been acting as a plug on my cervix.

After 2.5 hours of being in the hospital we finally saw a doctor who checked my cervix (still only 2cm dilated and 50% effaced) and performed 2 different types of tests to see if my water had actually broken.  Both came back negative.  She wanted Mike and I to go on a 30 minute stroll around the hospital floor to see if we could get any fluid to leak out.  Afterwards they did another test and it too was negative.  At this point, since they were pretty sure that my water had not actually broken there was no need for me to stay at the hospital.  They were not completely sure what had caused me to bleed as much as I did -- probably could fill three huge pads within a matter of 30 minutes, plus the big clot.  They thought it might have been my cervix stretching causing its capillaries to break.  But, I think that at some point in my pregnancy this clot began to develop in my cervix and when it released it caused the bleeding.  Whatever it was -- it was very, VERY, scary and I wouldn't wish it on any pregnant mother. 

Before we left, they told us that we did the right thing by coming into the hospital -- which I knew.  They also said that if this happens again to come back in right away.  I really hope this does not happen again-- I can't imagine what that would have been like if it happened at school.  The doctor also wrote me a note saying that I could take the next few days off of work but I'm not sure I'll do that.  I feel okay now just very anxious.  I keep feeling like I will bleed again and I know the rest of my pregnancy I will be a little nervous.  I think I would rather have my 12 weeks with Eli rather than 1 week at home and 11 weeks with him.  But, we will see.

Well, there you have it -- the scariest day of my life.  I honestly thought we might have lost Eli.  I can't imagine the pain mothers and fathers go through that do lose their babies.  I feel very thankful to be at home with my husband, dog and Eli (in belly) writing this blog right now.  Thank you God for answering our prayers today!  You are Eli's creator and You love him more than even I can imagine -- thank you for loaning him to us for this life. 

Please continue to pray for us in what hopefully is the last 8 days of our pregnancy!  We can't wait to meet our little guy!

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  1. How scary, Ali! So good to hear you didn't need an emergency anything, like a c-section. Prayers for peace, rest, health and blessings for you, Mike, and your little Eli.