Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Monday, August 29, 2011

Thirty Six 8.17 - 8.23 AND Thirty Seven Weeks 8.24 - 8.30

I'm going to try a new format for Weeks 36 and 37 -- a bit more simple.  (I'll blame this on my need for rest in the final 3 weeks of pregnancy.)

Biggies from 36 and 37 weeks:

*I'll start with the most exciting news of all (that I've had to keep quiet since Father's Day weekend in June) -- Eli's going to have a little cousin!  Yes, that is right -- my sister, Libby, and her husband, David, are expecting their first child on February 13th!  We are absolutely thrilled for them!  We are so excited that Eli will have a cousin so close in age to him and only 20 minutes from us!  They will be such great play mates!

Lib at 14 weeks! 16 currently :)  She's such a cute pregnant lady!

8/17 Mike and I met with Raintree Pediatrics and feel very confident choosing these practitioners as Eli's doctors.  They answered all of our questions and met some of the specific requirements we were looking for. 

8/20 We had a combined youth event with our church and my parents' church at my parents' house.  Mike did such a good job with the boys -- leading outdoor games and wrestling them in the pool.  It took about 8 boys to dunk Mike under water and they were so proud of themselves.  They really love Mike and because of this I know he is going to be a fantastic father -- can't wait to see him play with Eli!

Mike playing football with the boys!  Sammie too!  Can't wait to see him play with Eli!

All the boys trying to dunk Mike -- he was sore the next day!

8/22 Mike and I attended Healthy Arrivals Breastfeeding Class.  I knew most of the information presented from reading but there were several helpful hints and it was good for Mike to see and hear all of the benefits from breastfeeding.  The leader talked about how important it is for the husbands to support their breastfeeding wives through encouragement and taking on chores.  Mike is very supportive!

8/23 We met Leigh Miller (Mike's co-workers wife and professional photographer) at Lake Quivira for our maternity photo shoot.  It was so beautiful!  We took pictures on the beach, the dock, near sail boats, and even in the water at sunset.  We could tell that Leigh has an eye for what makes a perfect picture.  She was so kind and made us feel very comfortable.  We can't wait to see the finished pictures!  :)

8/25 Mike's work threw us the nicest shower.  They decorated their board room with bottles filled with blue and white M&M's and had the cutest and tastiest cake for everyone.  There must have been at least 20 of Mike's co-workers show up to congratulate us and wish us luck as first time parents.  You can tell they are all very excited for Mike and had good advice to share.  Mike wants me to include a special shout out to his boss, Sally, and co-worker, Chuck, who organized the event.  :)  Again, we are amazed at the generosity of the shower guests.  We received our high chair, diaper bag, toys, hangers and gift cards to Target and Babies 'R Us!  A BIG thank you too all of Mike's co-workers!

That day my mother flew (for the first time in 31 years) to Las Vegas with her sister, Monica, to visit her son, Ben (my cousin), and his wife, Sara, and their daughter Eliza.  I'm proud of her for facing one of her fears but was worried that Eli might have come when she was out of town.  Luckily, he obeyed her orders and is still hanging out in my belly :)

8/26 Mike and I met at the Just Between Friends consignment sale in LS.  We bought some items that we still needed (which isn't much considering the generosity of our family, friends, and co-workers!).  We got a carseat cover, shopping cart cover, bottle sanitizer (also good for breast pump equipment), books for Eli and me, a adjustable sling, and winter clothes for Eli.  We made out like bandits! 

We then met my dad in LS and took him to dinner for shampooing our carpets that day!  Thanks so much dad!

8/30 -- 7Blue (my middle school team) threw a shower for my co-worker, Liz, who is due to have her own baby boy 6 days after me!  It has been a lot of fun to watch each other grow and share stories (and some pregnancy complaining) together.  I'm looking forward to Eli and her son having a play date or two!  :)

Baby Milestones these Weeks:
Week 36:

  • Eli's getting closer and closer to being able to breathe on his own.

  • His skin is getting smooth and soft and his gums are rigid.

  • His liver and kidneys are in working order.

  • Circulation and immune systems are basically good to go, too.

  • Week 37:

  • Eli's practicing some skills: inhaling, exhaling, sucking, gripping and blinking.

  • He's getting his first sticky poop (called meconium) ready for his first diaper.

  • Best Moment of these Weeks: Our maternity photo shoot with Leigh was amazing!  It was also great to celebrate Eli with Mike's co-workers. :)  Oh, AND my good friend from college, Meryl, sent me lots of great baby items -- an amazing sling, toys, clothes, socks, bibs and more.  See below!  How incredibly blessed I am!

    Can you tell Meryl is organized?  :)

    Adorable sling, lots of infant toys and super cute bibs!  Thanks Meryl!

    Obsession of these Weeks:  To-do lists.  We've crossed so many things off our baby to do list lately and yet I feel like there is still so much to do!  Mostly just cleaning and organizing -- it is just hard to get motivated when you are working 40+ hours a week and are as big as I am!  That is what weekends are for but even if I make it till my due date I only have 3 of those left! 

    Symptoms these Weeks: Continued lack of sleep.  I'm having to get up to use the restroom 3-4 times each night and it doesn't help that Mike snores like a freight train -- very infrequent and very loud.  So when I come back to bed it is hard to go back to sleep with the combination of Mike and Sammie's snores.  :)  Also, Mike thinks my belly button is popping out just a little bit -- he was so excited when he noticed this; I guess he thinks it is really cute on pregnant ladies.  No stretch marks yet and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Epiphany these Weeks: Planning to be absent from work for 12 weeks is one big chore!  Being a teacher, I know how much of a pain sub planning can be but making 12 weeks of sub plans is unreal.  My goal is to have the majority of the plans done by next Monday (two weeks before due date).  I'm very lucky to have a SS teacher take over for me.  He has expressed his willingness to make plans himself but I want to at least give him a good start. 

    What I'm looking forward to most next week:  We have our last perinatal appointment on Thursday 9/3.  Our last time to see Eli in my womb.  It has been such a joy to see him on the screen wiggling around.  I hope he has been perfectly warm and content the past 260 days!  And, I hope he enjoys the last 20 -- only 3 weeks until we get to hold him in our arms and see him face to face!  Can't wait!

    36 Week Belly Pics:

    37 Week Belly Pics:


    1. love it! :) it's fun to read your blog, and fun to be in it. :)

      baby is coming SOON--look at that belly! you are both going to be GREAT parents!

      Much love,
      auntie Libby and baby B

    2. Your blog is great! I wish that I had been able to follow one of these when I was pregnant. Congrats! on baby Eli, from what I read you and your husband will be great parents. I wanted to share with you how funny life is. We are cousins and have not had many interactions, so few in fact that you didn't realize that we share a middle name until I graduated from high school and it was included on my invitation to your Dad, who is great! He is one of the things I can be proud of that I got from my Dad, I feel sad that we have been unable to keep in touch. Anyway your Eli is due on my oldest Maddox's birthday, he will be 3 in just a few weeks, although I am sure Eli will not be born that exact day I thought it was a fun coincidence. You also have the exact same furniture in your nursery as we did, although the theme for his nursery was Bee's, because I couldn't wait to find out the babies gender before I decorated the nursery, for our second son we used a sports theme in the nursery and now their "big boy" room is also decorated in a sports theme. I hope all goes well with delivery and pray that baby Eli arrives healthy! Congrats to your sister as well. Tell Uncle Roger I said HI!

      Erica Gasper-Jansen