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Stephens Family

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thirty 7.6 - 7.12 AND Thirty One Weeks 7.13 - 7.19

This week's post is double the pleasure, double the fun!  I've been a week behind and it is time for me to catch up and do two weeks in one.  I could blame my falling behind on being busy but that is kind of hard to do when I've had a whole week off!  If I think I'm busy now than I'm in for a big wake up call here in two months!  However, I will say that the 3rd trimester re-entry of exhaustion/lack of comfort I've read about is starting to creep up on me!  Naps have become a commonplace in my life!

Okay, so whats been going on with the Stephens lately? On Thursday, July 6th we had our 2nd Perinatalogist visit.  The reason we continue to go to the perninatalogist is to check Eli's amniotic fluid and make sure he has enough in there to keep him comfortable and safe in the womb.  The fluid measured normal -- yay!  The Dr. also checked his right kidney (the one with the hydronephrosis) and it measured 12mm.  That is two mm higher than the previous month.  We asked if they could tell how much Eli weighed and by analyzing all of his measurements the Dr. told us he weighed 3lbs and 7oz which was a few weeks ahead of schedule!  He is going to be a big boy like his daddy!  :)

So precious! 

You can tell his eyes are open in this one!

This is definitely Mike's nose!

Mike - at bath time - 3mo.  So cute!  Can you see the resemblence?

Friday July 8th was my last day of summer school!  Yippee!  It felt so good to leave my room and turn in my keys-- knowing I will probably never teach summer school again!  Well, at least not until my kids are grown.  :)  Mike and I celebrated by a night out on the Plaza!  Thanking God for giving me this financial opportunity and thanking God that I still have a few weeks to relax and prepare for baby Eli before the real school year starts again -- which is August 10th for me!  That weekend Mike went golfing.  Surprise! Surprise!  We also spray painted our bedroom furniture (looks better than it did) and put some finishing touches on Eli's room!  It is almost finished and I can't wait to upload the pictures for you all to see!  It is definitely a sports themed room!  Poor guy is going to be a sports fan whether he likes it or not!

My first week of true freedom was fabulous!  I worked out each morning -- 30 minutes walking on the treadmill and then weightlifting either my arms or legs.  I haven't been working out regularly during my pregnancy but you gotta start somewhere, right?  (Hey, eight months is better than nine!)  On Friday, July 15th was we had our 1st bi-monthly appointment and get this -- I lost one pound in the last two weeks!  It must have been all the working out I was able to do that week!  I'm guessing that I will gain around 20lbs at the end of my pregnancy.  Immediately after my mom met us for our 3D ultrasound!  It was so amazing to see my son's precious face for the first time!  He is going to look just like his daddy! 

On Saturday, July 16th my mother and sister threw me a wonderful shower!  The food was tasty, the decor was beautiful and the games were fun!  Mike, Eli I are so blessed to have so many generous friends and family members!  My mother's two sisters and my great aunt (gma's sister) even made the 6.5 hour trip from the QC-- which means so much to me!   A BIG thank you to everyone who made my shower so special! (More pics to come!)

Mike made an appearance towards the end of the shower to say hi, thank you  and load up our cars with all the wonderful gifts!
Mike and I went to PF Changs on Monday to celebrate my 27th birthday since we would be flying out to New Orleans on my actual birthday (Wednesday).  He bought be the most beautiful necklace, bracelet, and earring set which portrays and mother and child in the form of a heart.  I love it!  How sweet!  The next night, we celebrated with my family at our house.  My parents brought all the food and my poor dad grilled out in the 103 degree weather!  It sure was good food and great to be with family on my birthday.

My dad said Eli was singing in my belly, "Happy Birthday Dear Mommy..."  :)  The framed picture is of my grandma and I.  This is my first birthday with out her and I miss her greatly.  I'm sure she was singing happy birthday to me in heaven, along with my other grandparents. 

My good looking family!

Mike giving me some birthday love.  :)

Baby Milestones these Weeks: Week 30 - As Eli's skin smoothes out, his brain just keeps getting more wrinkled. All those grooves and indentations increase surface area, meaning more room for that oh-so-essential brain tissue. He's also adding some brawn -- his grip is now strong enough to grasp a finger. Week 31 - Eli's going through major brain and nerve development these days. His irises now react to light, and all five senses are in working order. (He won't pick up anything from his nose until after birth, though -- smell is transferred through air, not amniotic fluid.)

Best Moment of the Week:  I can't decide between seeing Eli's features during our 3D ultrasound and the wonderful shower given to me by my mother and sister.  Both made my heart rejoice!

Obsessions this Week: Harry Potter.  I re-read the last portion of the last Harry Potter book and Mike and I went to the movie on Friday.  It was really good.  I'm so sad that my love affair with HP has finally come to a close.  I hope Eli finds books that captures his imagination like this series did for me.  Thank you J.K. Rowlings for some of the best hours of my life spent with my nose in your books!

Symptoms this Week: Bloody gums, continued heartburn (getting a little worse as time goes on), stuffy nose,  and shortened breath.

Epiphany this Week:  Eli is going to be a big boy!  Not only is he measuring a few weeks ahead of schedule -- he is filling up my belly quick!  I can feel almost every movement.  I can't imagine how my belly could stretch any further, but I know it will!  It is getting so big that I can barely sit without having to lean back in order to afford him some more room!

What I'm looking forward to most next week: Mike and I's trip to New Orleans!  We will be meeting up with two of my besties and their hubby's (or soon to be hubby's!).  It is a baby moon, pre-wedding celebration, and CPA celebration all in one!  God has given me some really amazing friends and Carrie and Katrina are definitely two of my best ones!  Can't wait to hang out with them!  :)

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