Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hydronephrosis Update

Our level two ultrasound went very well yesterday.  Mike and I agreed that, besides hearing that the condition had cleared up, we got the best news we could have possibly gotten.  Eli's right kidney is still dialated to 10 mm (normal is less than 4mm).  However, everything else looked great.  The Perinatologist looked over everything very carefully - heart, brain, stomach, kidneys, bladder, facial features, ambilical cord, amniotic fluid, measurements of limbs, etc. and he said all was good!  He also said that the placenta was NOT covering my cervix; after I mentioned that the last two ultrasounds showed the placenta was covering my cervix he went ahead and did a vaginal ultrasound just to make sure and he was right -- no placenta previa!  I am very happy about this -- hoping for a healthy vaginal birth on or around September 19th!

He answered all of our questions:

It is concerning that Eli's kidney doubled in size in 4 weeks?  No.

How will the hydronephrosis effect my pregnancy?  Besides, monthly untrasounds -- not at all.

What tests will Eli need after he is born and how soon?  An ultrasound done by a pediatrition before we leave the hospital.  This is usually not considered an emergency condition so Eli will not be wisked away right after birth.  Rather he will stay with Mike and I and at some point before we leave he'll have and ultrasound of his kidneys.  They will probably monitor his kidneys via ultrasound each month to see if the condition is getting better, staying the same, or getting worse.  If the condition does not resolve than he will probably have to have surgery.  The surgery will correct an obstruction in his urethra preventing the flow of urine from his kidney to his bladder sometime during the first year of his life.  There is a 95% success rate in these surgeries.

Will Eli need an operation?  Too soon to tell.

Are there any signs I should watch for that Eli's hydronephrosis may be getting worse?  None that I will be aware of.  However, he wants to do monthly ultrasounds to make sure that there is a healthy amount amniotic fluid present.  Sometimes when a baby has hydronephrosis it can cause a low amount of amniotic fluid.  It is caused by the baby swallowing the fluid which is supposed to get released back into the amniotic sac via urination, however, because the urnine gets backed up in the kidneys it doesn't get released.  A low amount of amniotic fluid is not good for the baby.  In Eli's case, one if his kidneys works just fine so the Perinatologist doesn't forsee this being an issue but just in case we will be seeing him every four weeks.  Our next appointment is July 6th. 

Does Eli have any other Down Syndrome indicators?  No, however the Perinatologist informed us that 1/2 of DS babies have NO indicators at all.  He did say that because Eli had this in early pregnancy that his chance of having DS is increased.  However, only from 1 in 990 to 1 in 660.  I think that is pretty good odds Eli will be born with out DS, don't you?  Mike and I aren't worried at all about DS.  But, if Eli does have DS we will love him just the same -- as all parents would.  We will cherish him and do whatever it takes to ensure him a future of success and happiness in whatever capacity that might be. 

Does this mean I shouldn't travel to Louisiana at 32 weeks?  He doesn't recommend that anyone travel at 32 weeks but he said that Hydronephrosis doesn't cause mothers to go on bedrest or prevent them from traveling.  He said as long as you are okay getting stuck somewhere for the rest of your pregnancy than it is okay to go.  Hmmm....I think I am okay getting stuck in Baton Rouge if that were to happen, or at least I am willing to take my chances!

Would you categorize Eli's hydronephrosis as mild, moderate or severe?  Mild.

Mike and I felt really good after leaving the Perinatologist's office.  We want to thank all our friends and family who have called, texted, messaged, and prayed for us during this difficult time.  You have no idea how much it means to us to know we are in your thoughts and prayers.  I can feel God's peace surrounding us -- let this be a testimony to you that He is answering yours and our prayers.  We serve a gracious, merciful God who loves us more than we can imagine.  Praise Him!

P.S. Mike and I got the cutest picture of Eli yawning! (I will scan and post this later)  It was so cool!  I love him!

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