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Stephens Family

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Twenty Two Weeks 5.11 - 5.17

Mike and I have had a lot of fun saying lots of "he's" this week!  He is moving.  He is going to be so handsome.  He is so loved!  The fact that we are really having a he has sunk in -- and we're loving it!  Now, the only question is: will he have red or blonde hair?  I'm thinking blonde.  A cute little blondie boy.  However, red would be perfect too!  I always wanted a red head baby but Mike has told me he didn't like growing up with red hair.  He experienced a little bit of name calling -- which is never fun when you are a young child/adolescent.  So, it has made me rethink the whole red head thing but in my heart of hearts I still want one.  :)  I LOVE Mike's red hair and I will LOVE my son's hair color no matter what it is.

Besides the bliss of knowing about our son this week has been a busy, but really good week especially if you were to compare it to last week.  Last week was, perhaps, the worst week of my life.  I felt very sad at the possibility of our son having a condition that would negatively effect his health.  I became a little obsessive and felt completely alone.  Everyone, including Mike, kept saying, "I'm sure he'll be perfectly fine."  Yet, I wondered how are they so sure?  No one really knows what the outcome of his pyelectasis will be!  I am his mother and I have a right to worry about him!  Finally, the weekend came and I was so busy that I didn't have much time to think about much of anything!  Then, I heard a story on KLOVE (a Christian radio  network) about a mother who gave birth in her twenty-something-th week to a 1 lb 3 oz baby girl.  Her first words to a friend were, "This is part of God's perfect plan."  Broke my heart.  Shortly after the birth, her story continued by finding out she was very sick and that it was a blessing that the baby came so early in order for the doctors to begin treatment on her.  Today, mom and baby are both fine.  After hearing about this mother's faith in our awesome God I decided that if my son has pyelectasis then it is part of God's perfect plan for his life.  God is completely in control and loves my son more than I can even imagine.  Ever since, I have had a wonderful peace enter my soul.  Thanks for the prayers everyone!!

The week ended with my older sister turning the big 3-0!  I hosted a party for her and her besties and I have to say it was a success!  We all had such a great time ringing in Lib's 4th decade on this earth!  :)  The highlight of the party was definitely dancing at Funky Town.  Funky Town is a night club in Raytown, MO and is known for playing music from the 60's, 70's, and 80's.  We had blast getting "funky" to the music on the dance floor.  Yes, me and my big belly were out shaking it on the dance floor!  The May 17th post shows a picture book I put together to remember the celebration -- check it out!

I feel like I finally look pregnant!  Yay!

Baby Milestones this Week: He is settling into sleep cycles, snoozing about 12 to 14 hours a day.  I can definitely tell when he is awake and when he is asleep. 

Best Moment of the Week:   Last Tuesday my wonderful team mates threw me an incredible baby shower at my school!  It was so much fun and so cute!  I am still amazed by the generosity of my co-workers!  We got so many great gifts!  I can't wait until my little cutie gets to use them all! 

As guests entered they had the choice of picking up a pink teddy bear cut out or a blue teddy bear cut out to guess the gender of our little one.  Then, they put their name on the teddy bear -- if they guessed right they got a jeans pass (which, if you teach, you know how great those are!).  Then my teamies each cut into the cutest and tastiest cakes (from Pat-A-Cake Bakery in LS) to reveal the blue frosting!  Those that choose a blue teddy bear were happy! 

The guests then played a fun unscramble the baby words game and Mike and I began to open presents -- and, boy were there a lot of them!  We enjoyed every moment of it!  See all the fun pictures by clicking the link below:

Team 7 Blue!

Obsessions this Week:  Showing off my baby bump!  Now that I look pregnant, why not show off my growing belly!  No one is going to mistake this bump for a muffin top!  In fact I had my first stranger ask when I was due.  I have to say it is kind of nice not to have to suck in while wearing tight clothing!  I'll enjoy it while it lasts!

Symptoms this Week:  About every other week or so I get a bout of nausea in the morning.  I guess this was the week  -- it always happens after I get out of the shower and then I throw up whatever liquid is still left in my stomach for about 2-3 minutes.  I guess you could call this lingering morning sickness and hey, if this is all I have to deal with than I consider myself lucky. 

Epiphany this Week:  This baby boy has got some dance moves!  While I was getting down on the dance floor on Saturday night so was he!  It was so fun to feel his little kicks -- made the whole experience that much more enjoyable!  Now -- in reality -- if he gets my "rhythm" genes he will have no moves at all and will just have to get over it like I have and let loose in order to have fun dancing! 

What I'm looking forward to most next week:  Can I just say that I only have 7 more school days left until summer break???  Yay!  However, I can't be as excited as other teachers because I will still have 6 weeks of summer school.  :(  At least, we are out by noon.  My game plan is to bring NO school work home and spend the rest of the day preparing for baby boy while hanging out with my Sammie girl.

Week 22 Belly Pics:

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