Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sixteen Weeks 3.29 - 4.4

I just realized that in my weekly titles I've been a month ahead of myself using 4's instead of 3's.  I guess I'm so anxious for September that I unconsciously moved time forward a month.  Wishful thinking! 

This has been a good week!  It all started with me announcing to my students that I am having a baby!  The rest of the week went fairly fast but I must admit that I did not make it to my goal of holding out to 17 weeks to start wearing maternity clothes.  :(  I guess I'll blame this one on my sister, sorry Lib.  She came by Wednesday night to talk to us about life insurance -- very valid considering the future of our little one if something were to happen to us, God forbid, we would want him or her to be in the best position possible.  Before she left I wanted to show her all my new maternity finds (which, by the way, my thrifty shopping has paid off!  I now have 24 maternity items for under....wait for it..... $300.00!!!  If you consider the majority of these items are work clothes I am very proud of myself!)  Anyways, Libby convinced me to model a few items -- which turned out to be all of them -- and after I put on a few pairs of maternity jeans I was hooked.  I thought, Why I am causing myself so much anguish over wanting to stay in regular clothes when these jeans are so heavenly?  And, that was that -- no more button-up blue jeans for me until October (wishful, but hopefully!). 

Last week I mentioned that I was really looking forward to the weekend -- and, boy, was it wonderful!  On Friday, Mike and I went to the Improv Comedy Lounge at Zona Rosa courtesy my wonderful secretary Sharon.  The headliner was Maz Jobrani,  a Persian comedian who uses comedy to help his audiences realize there is good people everywhere.  He had Mike and I's bellies jiggling (especially mine since its recent growth spurt!).  Then on Saturday, a friend of mine from Illinois, Jyl and her bf came over to our place for dinner.  Jyl and I enjoyed catching up and Mike had fun talking to her boyfriend about wrestling.  On Sunday, Mike and I worked in the yard and couldn't help but smile feeling the sun beat down on our faces -- it got to 91 degrees!  We are proud of our green grass -- the joys of adulthood and home ownership!  That night we went to Olive Garden with our good friends, Mike and Amber.  I especially enjoyed talking to Amber about baby stuff -- it is good to have friends who are interested "mommy" topics!  Remember how I said it was 91 degrees?  Yeah, well by the time we got home from OG ping-pong sized hail was flooding down from the sky!  Holy Moly!  That is Missouri for you -- hot one day, freezing the next.  :)

***Pics of the hail we picked up from our yard Sunday evening!

Baby Milestones this week: Tiny bones forming in baby's ears mean he or she can now pick up our voices. A few more minuscule changes: Eyebrows, lashes, and hair are starting to fill in, and taste buds are forming.

Best Moment of the Week:  Announcing the big news to my students!  Wow!  They were so excited for me and had so many fun questions!  So, how did I do it?  I wanted to tell my homeroom kiddos first.  So I promised them if they were good all class I would play hangman with them before school let out.  They were good and so I put the blanks up on the board for "Mrs. Stephens is having a baby!"  I swear 2 or 3 knew before they even started guessing letters and I made everyone promise not to shout anything out until I gave the the go ahead.  After about 5 letters, 1/3 of my students were still clueless so I let them guess a few more letters and counted them down to shouting the unknown phrase....3...2...1 and everyone yelled, "Mrs. Stephens is having a baby!"  They were so happy and couldn't wait to run around to the other homerooms on our team and before I knew it all 140 of my students we celebrating my baby!  Pregnancy happiness is infectious and my students made that even more obvious!  The next day many students were anxious to tell me they had "called it" a few days before.  One boy even commented, "I didn't want to say you were getting fat but (timidly) you were getting fat."  Ha! The things 7th grade boys will say!  :)

Obsessions of the Week:  I know this is kind of weird but feeling my tummy to locate my uterus.  My growing belly has been especially fascinating to me lately, particularly in the morning when I wake up!  Even though I haven't felt the baby move yet I know it is in there because I've got a round organ growing bigger and bigger in my lower abdomen.  :)  I wonder if the baby can feel all my pushing and proding?

Symptoms this Week:  Welcome back high school acne!  Seriously, I thought I was supposed to get a beautiful "glow"?  But, instead, a tiny army of red bumps have invaded my face, chest and arms.  TMI?  If so, I'm truly sorry. 

Epiphany this Week:  "Mike and Ali" time is fading fast.  It seems like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant and that was 12 weeks ago!  Yikes -- time flies.  I have to admit: I'm kinda depressed thinking that I won't be able to come home on Friday nights, like I always do, and curl up on the couch with my husband while catching up on all our fav shows.  Speaking of my hubby, have I told you lately that he is WONDERFUL???  Mike has been incredible through this whole experience but as the weeks come and go I realize more and more just how lucky I am to have him as my husband.  He is the MOG (Man of God) I always dreamed I'd marry and even more.  He is my protector, confidant and best friend.  I know with out of shadow of a doubt he will be the BEST father for our children.  Praise God for good husbands! 

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Week:  Our 3rd OB appointment!  Yay!  It is always so wonderful to hear the heartbeat!  This time, we are going to try to record it on my iphone and upload to this blog so that next week you can experience the joy of the beats with us!  :)

Week 16 Belly pics:

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