Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Seventeen Weeks 4.5 - 4.11

Quite a beautiful week here in KC!  I think spring has finally arrived and is here to stay (hopefully)!  Mike and I have enjoyed taking advantage of the warm weather by working in the yard and taking Sam Bam for long walks around the neighborhood.

A few pics of our yard.  :)

Our changing table, dresser and glider came in this week!  A big THANK YOU to Mike's parents for furnishing our nursery!  It is so great to know this baby has two sets of grandparents that already love it so much and are almost as anxious as us to meet, hold, and cuddle with him or her. 

On Saturday we met up with my sister Libby for a quick, but fun lunch at Waldo's Pizza ( here in LS.  They have great lunch buffet and LS teachers get 25% off their total bill.  Gotta love businesses that support teachers!  Libby suggested that after lunch we walk over to Children's Orchard ( -- a consignment shop specifically focused on children's clothing and items.  Glad we did!  Such cute clothes and such great deals, makes me wonder if I'll ever buy anything "new" for my children?  Each time we go look at baby stuff it makes me soooo-o anxious to know our baby's gender!  Which, by the way, we find out on Friday, May 6th.  We could have found out the 4th but Mike wanted to wait until that Friday and told the receptionist to change the date -- I was quite perturbed with him for a few minutes.  :)  We plan on telling our immediate families on Saturday (we want to keep the secret to ourselves for at least one day!) and then the public after my school baby shower the following Tuesday.  So, be looking for the big announcement on FB the evening of Tuesday, May 10th.  (By the way, if you haven't had a chance to vote on the gender the poll it still open on the right!)

Sunday's sermon was very good and -- on top of that perk -- Melanie, a friend from church, gave me a pair of her maternity jeans after the service.  They fit so good!  My first hand-me-down maternity clothing!  Very appreciated!  I'll take all the free stuff I can get!  :)

Baby Milestones this Week: Baby's skeleton is hardening, changing from rubbery cartilage to bone, and fat is finally accumulating around it. The umbilical card is getting thicker and stronger, and its little fingers and toes are now topped by one-of-a-kind prints.

Best Moment of the Week:  Another tie!
1. My Aunt Monica (mom's sister) sent me a package with the most precious cargo.  Inside was the most adorable blue dress that my grandmother put on my mother and aunt.  As well as two cute yellow pieces that she made for her children!  Touching these items made me feel the love of a grandmother I can no longer touch.  What treasures!  I feel so blessed to have been born into a family where love and generosity are the legacies left to children.  Thank you so much Aunt Monica!  I love you!  I will cherish these items and the moments my children wear them forever!

2.  Hearing baby Stephens' heartbeat loud and strong -- 148 BMP!  Last time the nurse used the doppler on my tummy it took her at least 5 minutes to find the heartbeat (a little nerve wrecking) -- but not this time!  Doppler to tummy and bam! Ba-dum, Ba-dum, Ba-dum.... Wanna hear?  Click on the link on the top of the right column "Download Baby Stephens' Heartbeat" and it will play you to the recording Mike took!  Enjoy!

Obsessions of the Week: Um, shall I say EATING? Holy Moly!  Didn't know I could fit that much in my stomach!  On Wednesday the nurse confirmed that I had almost gained a pound since my first appointment at 8 weeks but I have a feeling that this is going to change quickly!  And, I hate to admit this but, it hasn't all been healthy.  Fries. Burgers. Pizza. 

Symptoms this Week:  This baby is moving!  I know now (wondered at first) that I have felt this child doing somersaults in my uterus.  Some say that most women mistake early movement for gas but the feeling that I have been feeling is not gas!  Mike is pretty sure that we are having a boy so he prefers to say that the baby is practicing his wrestling moves rather than doing somersaults.  Excited for when Mike can feel the baby too - 10 more weeks?  Anyone know?

Epiphany this Week:  This baby could be a boy.  In fact, there is a 50% chance.  When people have asked if we are going to find out the gender I always say yes and then tell them why.  Because if it is going to be a boy I need to give myself some time to cope with the idea of a "him."  I know this sounds really bad but ever since I was a young girl I've always dreamed of having baby girls.  All my dolls were girls and the one doll I had that was a boy (My buddy Doll) I changed into a girl!  However, lately, I think the Lord has been preparing my heart for a boy.  It is weird but the idea of having a boy has become more and more appealing to me the last couple of weeks.  Maybe it is just because I would love to see Mike with a son, or because my poor dad was stuck with all girls and I'd like to see him play with a grandson -- I don't know.  All I know is that I am flirting with the idea more and more.  We'll know in less the four weeks!  

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Week: Taking Sammie for walks after school everyday while listening to Pregtastic. 
Week 17 Belly Pics:


  1. Hey, girl! Where is week 18? How big is baby s now? That is so sweet that aunt m sent those items grandma made to you. How neat. I know grandma would be so excited for this baby. I sure am! You are definitely looking prego! You look so cute in your maternity clothes! Love you! Aunt Libby

  2. BTW, did u take Sam on walks last week? Let's take Sam and Charlie on a dog park date. What was your biggest craving this week? How often and when do u feel baby move?

  3. your playlist! Mush! Xoxoxoxo

  4. Thanks Lib! I really appreciate the comments! You are so sweet! Let's definitely take the dogs to the park! Biggest craving = olives. Every day once or twice. Baby is 6 inces and 1/2 pound! Yay!