Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Love at First Sight.

On February 11th Mike and I got to see and hear our baby's heart beat for the first time.  I don't think words can describe how awesome that moment is. 

February 11th happened to fall on a Friday.  If you have ever worked in a school setting you know how crazy Friday's can be.  This Friday, however, I didn't mind that my students were a little stir crazy; all I could think about was that I was going to be able to see my baby at 3:20!  The day was slow to say the least.  Once the dismissal bell rang I was on the road within minutes to meet Mike at our house and drive together to the Independence Women's Center for our first OB appointment. 

We arrived, checked in and waited and waited and waited -- for what seems like an eternity!  Finally we were called back to meet with my nurse.  (My nurse is younger than me and I have had her for the past three years.  She is very sweet and knowledgeable.  I feel very blessed to work with caring and knowledgeable health care workers and pray that this continues throughout my pregnancy.)  She asked me if I had any questions and, of course, I did.  Let me preface by saying that I think worrying runs in my family.  My great grandma Ockee was a worry wort, my mother is a worry wort too -- so I think I will just blame them for my (and I hate to admit this) sometimes hypochondria-ish behaviors.  Anyways, I was worrying because I had taken another pregnancy test that week and the line was lighter than one I had taken previously.  Unfortunately, I decided to google this and found some disappointing results which made me worry that my HCG levels were dropping because of a miscarriage.  When I explained this to the nurse she seemed a little confused and perhaps a little worried too.  I asked if I was going to have an ultrasound and she said that usually they only do one per pregnancy because of insurance reasons.  I was really bummed.  She said that maybe the technician could fit me in if I was really worried. 

My doctor then came in to perform the exam.  She is a great doctor and took the time to answer all of my questions.  She did an exam and told me that my uterus was right on the mark for 8.5 weeks -- about the size of a large orange (normally the size of a closed fist).  She then informed us that we were going to get a chance to see the baby!  Yay!  We were thrilled!  Since I was so early, the technician used an internal ultrasound device and within a few seconds there was our little, what Mike likes to call, peanut!  It was so cute and it was already moving!  You could see the blood pump through the heart.  Wow, I couldn't help but giggle -- I was really pregnant.  She also recorded the heart beat which was 164 BPM -- the fastest it will ever be! 

      *** The two lines outline the baby's heart and the swivels at the bottom show the rate of the baby's heart beat!
   ***  This is my favorite shot, the baby is facing down with its head being on the left.  If you look hard enough you can make out its arms and legs in a curled up position!  This is our little peanut!

Our last stop before leaving the hospital was to Quest Diagnostic Center to do a work-up on my blood.  The woman who drew my blood was the most miserable person ever!  If she wasn't about to prick me with a needle I would have said something to her!  But, nothing and no one could have ruined that day for me.  (Oh, and I am happy to announce that I do not have AIDS - ha!  I guess it is law that when you are pregnant you have to be tested for HIV.) 

Mike and I decided to celebrate our "Love at First Sight" experience by going to a romantic dinner at Garozzo's, an Italian resturaunt in Lee's Summit.  I was so happy that I told him this could be our Valentine's celebration too and that I didn't need any gifts because this was the best gift any mother-to-be could receive!  And, I guess that offer was pretty unresistable because he took me up on it!  :) 

It has been almost three weeks since our 1st OB appointment and I still look at the ultrasound pics daily!  Then it was only 22 milimeters or .87 inches.  Today it is around 2.5 inches (around the size of a lime) and weights a half an ounce -- that is a lot of growth for 3 weeks!  Please continue to pray for our little baby as it grows in my belly!


  1. I'm praying Ali -- so excited for you guys! Love you both lots!!

  2. We're so excited for you both! We love you both so much!

    Love Mom and Dad (Oma and Opa)

  3. Thanks so much! We are excited too! Love you!