Stephens Family

Stephens Family

Monday, March 28, 2011

Fifteen Weeks 3.22 - 3.28

I have had a very busy week.  First, I returned to school after a fabulous spring break.  It was especially hard because daylight savings time happened during that week so I did not adjust myself to the time change, as well as I slept in later because I did not have to wake up in the morning for work.  I was sleeping in until about 9:00 each day and having to wake up at 5:30 was an unpleasant change.  I went to work with semi-wet hair the first couple of days if that tells you anything!  But, Monday was fun because I announced to my co-workers that I was pregnant and got a tremendous amount of encouragement and excitement.  I feel so blessed to work with so many wonderful people!

The rest of the week I had something to do everyday after school.  On Tuesday, my friend Lara and her precious newborn Cooper came by to see me and pick up some pictures.  He is so precious and I very much enjoyed feeding him! We are very excited that our babies will be only 6 months apart.  Later, I met with a teacher who is retiring to get some of her materials for the summer school course I am teaching this summer.  It was so sweet of her to share with me and I am very appreciative because I have never taught an American history course (except for my student teaching).  On Wednesday, I had cheerleading practice with this year's and next year's cheerleaders to prepare for our spring assembly and on Thursday I went to another middle school to help judge their cheerleading try-outs.  Friday's after school activities were fun -- I attended a baby shower for a social studies department member.  I got lots of good ideas!  :) Then, I headed over to Sei Bella Salon in DT Lee's Summit for a much needed cut and highlight -- yes, I am blond once again.  I really love the new do and would recommend Megan to anyone who is looking for a good stylist in LS.  (Check Sei Bella out on FB at )Right after that I rushed to our church to meet Mike for the youth event we were sponsoring -- Mike and I are the youth leaders at Outreach Restoration Branch in Independence, MO for 2011.  Poor Mike had to keep the kids occupied for an hour by himself but he must have done a great job because when I showed up they all looked very happy!  :)  On Saturday, we met up with my friend, Amie, and her friends for her 25th birthday at The Drunken Fish in the P&L district -- we had so much fun!  It is a really neat modern sushi restaurant and we had a good time getting dressed up for a night out on the town.  Mike impressed me when he informed the waitress that his wife was pregnant and couldn't eat anything raw and to please point out to him some cooked items on the menu.  How sweet!  I guess his protective father attributes are already surfacing!  :)

Baby Milestones this week:  Continuing the march towards normal proportions, the baby's legs now outmeasure his or her arms. And, finally, all four limbs have functional joints. The baby is squirming and wiggling like crazy down in my womb, but I still haven't felt anything! 
Best Moment of the Week:  On Friday, when I finally got home I saw a package in front of my door.  Mike always orders things from Amazon so I didn't pay much attention to it but when I went to set it on our counter I noticed it was for me from one of my bestest friends -- Mary Beth.  I was very excited to see what was inside so I opened it right away.  And, I was so touched by the contents inside.  She sent me the cutest craft called Stephens' Pea in a Pod that she had made and a very touching note to go with it.  Also, some adorable John Deere cowboy boots for 3-6 months old! I don't think there is a better way to celebrate where we came from -- Moline, IL the home of the John Deere Tractor.  She also had bought me What to Expect While Expecting and the Journal to go with it.  How incredibly sweet of her!  I truly have some of the BEST friends in the world and she is definitely one of the them!  Thank you MB!

Obsessions of the Week:  Second Hand Maternity Wear!  I've really enjoyed finding the deals at second hand stores around the metro.  I found some really great stuff at Clothes Mentor (check it on FB at ) and a friend told me to check out Ditto as well.  You can bet I'll be going their soon!  Also, Mike and I went to a HUGE consignment sale in Independence on Saturday -- it was a little overwhelming but we both agreed it was really neat and we wished we knew the gender so we could have bought more but we did get a device you put your baby in that hangs from a door jam and it can jump around it.  Even though that was our only baby purchase, to my surprise they had lots of maternity clothes and I got a pair of Khakis, two dresses and a work top - all for 30 bucks!  Go me!  ***I've added a link under "Ali's Favorite Pregnancy Websites" called KC Metro Moms and it will give you the dates of all the huge consignment sales for baby items and kids stuff around the metro area this spring.

Symptoms this Week:  Growing belly -- I've now had several people tell me I am beginning to look pregnant.  A part of me is excited to hear this and another part of me is a little nervous!  I don't want to grow too fast!  I am going to try to make it to 17 weeks before turning in my regular pants for maternity ones -- wish me luck! 

Epiphany of the Week:  God is preparing us for parenthood.  Our Sammie girl came down with a bug on Tuesday.  When I got home she had thrown up all over the house and was very lethargic.  She wouldn't eat and her temp was high.  I had to leave for a while and Mike decided to stay home with her instead of going to the gym.  He loves that dog so much!  When I got home Mike and I debated whether or not to take her in to the emergency Vet.  We knew if we did we would easily drop $300.00.  So, we prayed that the Lord would bless her once again (she has been quite a sickly dog.)  And, He did.  She went to bed with me at about 11 and after about 15 minutes of panting she laid her little head down and went to sleep.  In the morning she was back to her crazy, licking self!  :)

What I'm Most Looking Forward to next week:  On Friday Mike and I are going to Kansas City Improv and on Saturday a good friend from Illinois, Jyl, is coming over with her boyfriend for dinner.  :)  It is always nice to start off the week knowing that you have something to look forward to! 

Week 15 Belly Pics: 


  1. If you are a mommy -- don't forget to vote on the new poll at the top of the page: Clothe vs. Disposible Diapers??? Also, I'd love for you to comment here and tell me why... Stories appreciated! Mike and I are trying to decide!

  2. Super cute blog!! Congrats to you both!-Megan Wolever

  3. We love following your blog, Ali and Mike. And we love you both, Sammie, and the baby growing in you!!!!

  4. Hey Ali,
    It's Jennifer-Libby's friend. First off, congrats! I'm so happy for you guys. This will be so much work, but the moment your baby lays his/her head on your chest and falls asleep, the entire world will fade into the background. Nothing else will matter. Cloth diapers-why? Because we didn't go with them as we live in an apartment with laundry in the basement so it wasn't so feasible, but man do you go through SOOO many diapers, that it's more economical and more planet friendly to use cloth. A happy medium would be a combo of both. I see you're on the bump, there's a board just for cloth diapering, check it out. Good luck with everything.